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New Star Trek series has a name familiar to roleplayers

A trailer has been released for the new Star Trek series, which now has a name “Discovery”. And if you think that name sounds familiar, there’s a Star Trek roleplaying game called Discovery as part of the Star Trek Borderlands community. Here’s what their Discovery looks like:

The USS Discovery

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The 2015 Squiddie Award Winners

Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing

It’s time!  That’s right, it’s time to present our top award for the entire simming and online role playing community: the Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying… better known as the Squiddie.  For anyone who isn’t familiar with the award, we present three respective citations annually for Excellence in Role Playing, Facilitating the Community Experience, and Originality & Innovation.

We received 30 outstanding nominations this year.  However, we are only able to present Squiddies to three: one club, one game, and one person.  And believe me when I say that picking the winners was extremely difficult as there were many absolutely fantastic nominees!  Without any further ado, here are the winners of the 2015 Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying: Read More


Maintaining A Community Through Podcasting

Star Trek Borderlands

I’ve been playing in RPG games through Star Trek: Borderlands for 6 years now.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities for creativity that has presented, the friends that I have made, and the ways in which we can continue to build our shared role playing world.

ST:B has been active since 1993, and as far as I know, one of the key features to our sharing has been podcasting. Read More


Borderlands – The New Kids On The Block

Star Trek Borderlands logoThis article was written by Rich LeValley from Star Trek: Borderlands, a roleplaying group that’s been running since 1993.

Well, I’ve been familiar with David Ball, Award Winning Website creator, for some time. He has been a great supporter of my own game system Star Trek: Borderlands. It is with great gladness, then, that I have been given permission to bring Star Trek: Borderlands play to Ongoing Worlds in the form of the USS Marcus (see the game’s homepage here). Read More


Flashback story – Sienn t’Lovok

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s a Star Trek story written by Juliet Anderson, the roleplaying game is S. S. Seiklon Axel on Star Trek Borderlands.

Sienn t’Lovok

I don’t like mirrors.

They remind me. Of what – of who – I used to be. And how different I am from that person now.

My name is Sienn t’Lovok. I’m half Romulan, half Human, and 76% machinery. Formerly a blogger on unclutterer, now I’m an engineer on an independant freighter that I get the lovely job of holding together, the S. S. Seiklon Axel. The UFP doesn’t trust me, and neither does the Romulan Star Empire. Although sometimes I think it’s not so much my abilities render me untrustworthy, more that – I scare them. People are scared of what they don’t understand. I’ve learned to accept that.

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