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Largehobbit Guide to Avoiding Overwhelm

Recently there was a discussion on the OW Community Platform started by Nim, titled: Another Moderating Discussion: How to Manage the Load?

This reply by Largehobbit I thought was worth highlighting, so I’ve posted it here (with permission), because being overwhelmed is something we all might feel at some point. Here it is:

Largehobbit Guide to Avoiding Overwhelm

1. Do not take on projects you can not commit to or do not enjoy

2. If you find yourself in one then meet your obligations then bow out politely and promptly – life is too short

3. Be realistic about what will be required to make your game work. I believe this to be one of the biggest causes for game failure and mod frustration.

4. Communicate with your player base, if you are not spending more time communicating than you are posting then the wheels will come off your game. 

5. Make lists and work your way through them

6. Think in 3D, Delegate items from your list to players and co-mods, Delete anything none essential to your game, Delay anything non-urgent until you have the time and energy.

7. Relax, every post does not have to be a masterpiece. Ok you will cry inside when some soulless dream eater gives you four stars, but you’ll get over it. 

8. Toughen up buttercup, one thing I have learnt since joining this forum is that to be a writer of any sort you need to develop skin like a rino. You can not be wasting energy on other people’s drama.

9. Take a break. Walk away now and again, and I don’t mean when you are overwhelmed I mean before that. Make yourself stop for a day or two and go play Xbox or flirt with your wife/husband/undead wolf. Take the breaks before you need them and you won’t end up needing them.

10. And most importantly mark sure you actually enjoy the work of moderating. Some people mistake World building and game creation and posting great material as being a mod. Being a mod is what comes after and its all of the above and more. You need to enjoy leading and managing the game, not just the idea of it.

Hob Out 😉