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How To Properly Leave A Game


It’s a sad but true fact. Sometimes a game we might be a part of just may seem like it’s not the same or we’re just not interested in it anymore. This happens with most games and if for some reason it seems you can’t make peace with the problem at hand, you may feel like you want to leave. It’s a sad fact but it’s a true fact that some members just may not feel interested in the gameplay anymore and they want to leave. But how do you leave? Do you just unsubscribe? Do you delete your character and then subscribe? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, you’re wrong.

Different Situations, Different Methods

There are a ton of situations that could lead to someone leaving a game. It could not be interesting to them, they can’t seem to participate anymore, having a fight with a member [which if it gets that bad a moderator or the GM should get involved] But no matter what it is, if they want to leave they’re allowed. But how do you do it the right way?

Gone With The Wind, Writing Out Your Character/Yourself

pt1220_poof_logoNot the book, the phrase. A story can get to a point where you see your char has no use anymore. If you don’t want to stick around, you want to leave. As I’ve said before, don’t just blatantly unsubscribe or delete your character. Imagine if that happened in the movie, take Star Wars for example. It’s the big moment, Luke is face to face with Darth Vader as he’s dying. He helps take the mask off, he’s staring straight into the dying, pale eyes of his fading father. It’s a touching moment. The man that was the bane of the Rebellion is now this feeble man collapsed on a ramp with his son. They’re getting to the big moment where Darth Vader dies and then… He’s gone. He didn’t die he just disappeared. That’s it, that’s the end of the trilogy, the movie is over, you can go home now. You’ll probably curse out Lucasfilms for writing it like that but what can you do, it’s over. Pretty anti-climatic wasn’t it? Every character deserves an ending. Even if you hate them, send them out in style. Imagine them metaphorically riding off into the sunset or walking onto the ramp of the space ship, or them ascending in a beam of light to the heavens and beyond. Instead of them just disappearing like they weren’t in the game to begin with. It’s not fair to everyone else if you just decide to leave without writing yourself out. Even if you do not like the people inside the game, it’s the right thing to do. Instead of leaving by deleting your character and unsubscribing, be the bigger man and write them out.

Death Is Sometimes An Option

Deathlicious_by_roberlanLet’s go back to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader dying was the pinnacle of the movie and probably the pinnacle of the first three original movies. If you can’t find a way to write out your character by them returning home or something, try death! Imagine your character at their endgame, their swansong. Whether it may be a battle that finally claims their brave soul, on their deathbed surrounded by family, or their very evil, ended on the sword of the right and justice. Now that is a way to end a character! You will be surprised on what a death can do in game, it can make or break bonds between in game characters, or bring everyone closer together to realize that they’re in it together and death is unavoidable. So follow the pretty lady on the bomb! She knows what she’s talking about!





It’s never fair just to up and leave, be the good guy, the one who did the right thing whether your character did or not. It’s a huge Giddlysmooch and Mary Sue move to just up and leave. Like I said, no matter the character, they always deserve to go out in a bang!