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Thanks to DocAnvil for the donation

S. S. Seiklon Axel roleplaying game

DocAnvil roleplays in the S. S. Seiklon Axel

Not long after I published a thanks to Xexes for donating, we got another donation. Wow that was fast! This time the donation came from DocAnvil, a roleplayer from the Borderlands Star Trek roleplaying community. This is the 2nd donation since my promise to send out mugs the the next three.  DocAnvil plays in the S. S. Seiklon Axel a roleplaying game set in the Star Trek universe aboard a civilian spaceship. A post by a member of Seiklon Axel was a runner-up in 2011’s Flashback week competition (read it here).

Why we need donations

The web hosting needs to be paid for (there’s a cost breakdown here), and usually that’s something I have to do. But it’s really great when everyone else can contribute. Your donations really do help keep OngoingWorlds going.

Thanks so much to DocAnvil for the donation!



Flashback story – Sienn t’Lovok

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s a Star Trek story written by Juliet Anderson, the roleplaying game is S. S. Seiklon Axel on Star Trek Borderlands.

Sienn t’Lovok

I don’t like mirrors.

They remind me. Of what – of who – I used to be. And how different I am from that person now.

My name is Sienn t’Lovok. I’m half Romulan, half Human, and 76% machinery. Formerly a blogger on unclutterer, now I’m an engineer on an independant freighter that I get the lovely job of holding together, the S. S. Seiklon Axel. The UFP doesn’t trust me, and neither does the Romulan Star Empire. Although sometimes I think it’s not so much my abilities render me untrustworthy, more that – I scare them. People are scared of what they don’t understand. I’ve learned to accept that.

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