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Thank You For The Year!


Here’s to another year!

Today, June 22nd, 2014. Marks one year for me as an Ongoing Worlds member. The reason I’m making this is to thank the members of Ongoing Worlds and the countless number of the other big faces in role playing. June 22nd, 2013. I joined a strange site recommended by my brother, as you know him, Mr Xanadu. After being in countless online communities that seemed to turn around against me for the worst I was leery about joining this strange site called “Ongoing Worlds.” I was expecting rude people and nothing happening and it would have nothing for me. Eventually I was given the contact info for a man named David Ball by some strange guy I met in the cbox who would turn out ot be one of my greatest friends, a man by the name of Alex Solvay. I emailed Dave for the opportunity to create a 404 image for OW. Instead a year later I’m a blog writer, a moderator, and avid roleplayer around the site. I came into this unsure and I emerge from it with a new outlook on writing, creation, and even picked up some good philosophies on life from a lot of the members. I came into this expecting the worst and you guys have made this one of the best experiences of my life. I know it sounds corny and generic but without you guys I would not be where I am now. And I’d like to thank David Ball for giving some of the greatest opportunities to do some of the best projects and meet some of the best people. I am glad that I made it this far and I’m glad I got to do it with all of you, the great people that make up Ongoing Worlds. Thank you guys so much. Here’s to another year of great memories! And as per the usual. Keep Calm and Keep Ongoing! Tib out! Savis Headshot