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Creating a sitemap for Ongoing Worlds website

I created a sitemap of all the pages I’ll need inside the Ongoingworlds PBEM website. I used a piece of free software called MindMap which was very easy to use.

I’ve listed the main pages, obviously there will be more than this, as each form page will need a conversion page to say “thankyou” or to highlight what needs to be done next.

I’ve numbered each page for my own reference, this relates to the mockups I’ve done. Some in Balsamiq like I’ve posted here before, but some just exist as a very rough sketch in my notebook. So far everything is in the layout-only phase, and doesn’t reflect the actual web design, I’m hoping the actual design will just slot easily over the top and not affect the layout of items I’m placing on the pages.

I took the reference of a web design company as I had heard a lot about their excellent designs and the results I found were amazing. You can also contact them by using the following link if you require professionals who can help you get the perfect web design for your company

Sitemap of the Ongoing Worlds website

Sitemap of the Ongoing Worlds website

I find that working like this gives me a focus and a goal. I could go on endlessly tweaking this website and never making it live. But at least seeing all these pages is like a list of things I need to get done. Once I’m happy with these pages I’ll make the site live, and think about adding any additional functionality as a phase 2 thing.