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Writing Better Flashbacks


Written by Xexes, one of the judges for the 2012 Flashback week competition

Flashback week contained many, many entries, and quite a few judges. Every judge is sure to have different opinions, but here are some thoughts I had, along with some tips and common traps.

Spelling And Grammar

While the Flashback Contest had no rules regarding spelling and grammar (“SPaG”), the contest is about writing – and the English language has plenty of rules and nuances. SPaG issues get in the way of reading the story properly, distract the reader, disrupt train of thought, and sometimes even convey the wrong notion. While your fellow roleplayers probably won’t mind them in a roleplay, the Flashback Contest is a contest ; you are competing against your peers. Read More


Flashback story – The Bloody Snow

Here’s the story that came 3rd place in the 2013 Flashback week competition. Written by Brogan Young about his character Thomas Plisken from Blue Dwarf. Read More


Flashback story – That Special Woman

Here’s the story that came 2nd place in the 2013 Flashback week competition. Written by Billie from Before the Mast. Read More


Announcing the winner of Flashback week!

Flashback week - write and roleplay about your character's past

The judges have voted, and the scores have been calculated!

As you know, the first week of September was Flashback week, and we encouraged all roleplayers to submit their flashback posts into our story competition. Read More


The end of Flashback week

Flashback week write and roleplay about your character's pastI’m posting this on the final day of Flashback Week 2013. We’ve had loads of fantastic entries submitted so far, but there’s still some time to submit yours if you haven’t already as the deadline is midnight tonight (7th September). And you still have a chance of winning! Submit your entry here.

I’ll be contacting the judges and collecting votes to find the best story, which I’ll announce asap but most likely next weekend. If you’d like to be emailed with the announcement, subscribe to our blog (if you aren’t already), and you’ll be the first to know. Read More


Flashback week 2013

Flashback week - write and roleplay about your character's past

Flashback Week is a week-long writing event where writers and roleplayers were encouraged to think about something that happened in their characters past. The event doesn’t have a physical location, there’s no fee, and there’s barely any rules – only to write a flashback about your character and your story and tell everyone about it. Oh, and to have fun! There’s also a competition for the best flashback story (see below).

The competition is now closed. The winner was announced here. Read More


Announcing the winner of the Flashback week competition

A few weeks ago we ran a week-long even called Flashback week where we encouraged roleplayers and writers to think about the backstory of their character and write about a flashback to a different time in their lives. We held a competition which finished on the very last day of Flashback week, and our team of judges have been busy over the last two weeks reading the entries and voting for the best story, and we’re happy that we can now announce the winner! Read More


Flashback story – Lieutenant Saveron

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s a Star Trek story written by Sarah Eccles from the roleplaying game USS Thunder on Starbase 118.

Lieutenant Saveron

The Vulcan doctor was accustomed to having the answers to questions or the where-withal to find them. His professional life was ordered, organised and logical; his personal life was anything but, and he had yet to deduce a solution to the problem. He had no answers, only a determination to search until he found them.

Read More


Flashback story – Xanxa Symanah

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s a Babylon 5 story written by Sarah Xanxa Bartlett, the roleplaying game is called ‘Beyond Babylon’, and is played on Facebook.

Xanxa Symanah

So you want to know what a Centauri is doing in the Anla’shok?  Well, I’m not the only one, but that’s not my story to tell.  First of all, I’m not pure Centauri, in fact I’m half Minbari on my mother’s side, so my entrance into the world was bound to be controversial anyway.  So many questions were asked about how I came to be conceived when Centaurii and Minbarii are physically incompatible.  Well, love conquers all, as the old saying goes, and with much consultation of Technomages and other shady figures, I came to exist.

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Flashback story – Maisie Howard

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It was written by Izzy Stuart for the game What will be, will be on OngoingWorlds

Maisie Howard

Maisie smiled as she looked to her student. Saturday, it was finally Saturday. Luckily for her she could go back to school on Monday. Be a teacher again. She was pleased for the time off, but she missed her work. She missed what the students thought of her. And as much as she didn’t want to admit it, she missed the excitement.

“It was…nice to see you Natalie.” she smiled. Although she wanted to talk to her more, she was tired, so was Natalie, and they were both heading home.

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