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How to Write a Credible Villain

Scar from Lion king

Scar from The Lion King wanted to be king but his physically stronger brother was chosen instead. He is determined, egotistical, and callous but he has no idea how to rule a kingdom.

What’s a Credible Villain?

Have you ever seen a character where the character’s coolness and alignment are determined by the number of times the word “evil” is used in their personality? Read More


Knowing Which Genre To Pick

Different genres, star trek, star wars, harry potter etc

Experience has proven that there is no cut and dry formula for success. There is no genre that one can pick to have instant, guaranteed success, as there are no guarantees at all in roleplaying games. But we do know that certain genres do and don’t lend themselves well to roleplay, and that others may never be as popular. Read More


Overheard in the Roleplay World!

my boyfriend likes to roleplay. for the past 3 years he's been playing my ex-boyfriendWhat do roleplay and chat boxes have in common? They both involve words!

Okay, that wasn’t very funny – so today, it’s your turn. Instead of writing many words ourselves, we want you to write some!

Tell us about the funny things people say in your roleplay game.

Bonus points if it’s especially hysterical out of context. Read More


Games that can’t ever succeed – and how to fix them

Roleplay apocalypse

Sometimes sites pop up here and there that can’t ever do very well. They can’t achieve reasonable, realistic growth expectations, and slowly decay over time, unable to grow. Read More


Writing Better Flashbacks


Written by Xexes, one of the judges for the 2012 Flashback week competition

Flashback week contained many, many entries, and quite a few judges. Every judge is sure to have different opinions, but here are some thoughts I had, along with some tips and common traps.

Spelling And Grammar

While the Flashback Contest had no rules regarding spelling and grammar (“SPaG”), the contest is about writing – and the English language has plenty of rules and nuances. SPaG issues get in the way of reading the story properly, distract the reader, disrupt train of thought, and sometimes even convey the wrong notion. While your fellow roleplayers probably won’t mind them in a roleplay, the Flashback Contest is a contest ; you are competing against your peers. Read More