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Star Trek Trivia: March 2012

Star trek ships1) The actor who played Tom Paris in Star Trek: Voyager previously played a guest in another Star Trek show, besides the actor, what else did these characters have in common?
A. Both were pilots
B. Both fought the Borg
C. They were both members of the Maquis
D. Nothing

2) In Star Trek: The Final Frontier Scotty said he knows every part of the Enterprise A and then something happens…what was it?
A. Spock dies
B. The cloaking device fails
C. He bangs his head on a panel
D. A Warp Core explosion

3) The USS Defiant was the first ship of her class, how was this shown on the ship itself?
A. Unfinished areas on the ship
B. The registry number
C. It was better smaller than a normal ship
D. It blew up

4) This actor played his primary character’s grandfather in one of the earlier generation’s movies.
A. Jonathan Frakes
B. Avery Brooks
C. William Shatner
D. Michael Dorn

5) After resigning her commission with the Vulcan Science Council, T’Pol held this honorary rank
A. Colonel
B. Major
C. Sub-Commander
D. Commander

EXTRA CREDIT: From longest to shortest, organize how long the makeup process took for the following characters:

Data, Spock, Kira, Shran, Worf, Riker