Out of context roleplay quotes

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There’s a great Tumblr with funny quotes taken completely out of context from roleplaying games (mostly D&D it seems), that I wanted to share here. I wondered if we could create a similar article with quotes just from games on OngoingWorlds? Submit them via the form at the bottom of this article or to our Facebook page. Continue reading Out of context roleplay quotes

Overheard in the Roleplay World!

my boyfriend likes to roleplay. for the past 3 years he's been playing my ex-boyfriendWhat do roleplay and chat boxes have in common? They both involve words!

Okay, that wasn’t very funny – so today, it’s your turn. Instead of writing many words ourselves, we want you to write some!

Tell us about the funny things people say in your roleplay game.

Bonus points if it’s especially hysterical out of context. Continue reading Overheard in the Roleplay World!