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Feature your games for only $5 for the next 3 weeks

Hey roleplayer dudes, for the next 3 weeks, it’s only going to cost $5 to feature a game. Send me a request if you’d like to (click here). There’s only space for 3, so make sure you get in first. If you do donate though, I’ll make sure you get shown next month.

What does “featuring a game” mean?

It’s this area on the homepage…

featured game pointer

  • Featured games will remain on the homepage for at least a month (maybe longer).
  • There will be a maximum of 3 games shown at one time. There might be a waiting list, so you’ll be emailed when your featured period will begin.

How do I feature a game?

This is done by a donation to our ongoing server costs.

Go to the donation page, choose the “donate a specific amount” option, and when prompted, enter the amount of $5 – then come back and submit this form.

Feature your game using the request form here.

*The $5 deal will expire on the 5th of September.