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2020 Squiddie Award Winners

Squiddie award for superior online roleplaying

After announcing this year’s award and receiving nominees, it’s time reveal the winners for the long overdue 2020 awards:

Excellence in Roleplaying (person):


For his many years of simming excellence, both as a role player and as a host, including but not limited to Charon’s Opus and Canopus Station. Over the years, he has hosted multiple sims in multiple groups, and the result is always the same: outstanding creativity that pushes the plot in unexpected yet still somehow inevitable directions. He challenges his crews to improve while still having fun and writes his own amazing posts, which has led his games to be recognized by others many times. He was also honored with a Simming Prize earlier this year.

Originality & Innovation (club):

RPG Writing

For its open and diverse community. A lot of groups attempt to host a wide range of genres, but few do it right like RPG Writing. They masterfully blend different themes together into a single cohesive club without the needless drama. Often, infighting and politics lead to the doom of groups that try to specialize in multiple areas, but this club exercises just the right amount of oversight to keep the overall group together as one while still affording the freedom to individual games to explore and push boundaries. They also provided a stable refuge for many games leaving other groups in turmoil.

Facilitating the Community Experience (sim):

USS Chuck Norris

For its noteworthy contributions to the greater simming community. Unprecedented for an individual sim, the USS Chuck Norris hosted the 2012 Simulation Cup to keep the recently returned Tournament of Simulation from again becoming a relic of history, and to date it is still the only game to sponsor a tournament. Furthermore, when host club Independence Fleet’s website went offline in 2019, the Chuck Norris crew continued to sim over email until a new fleet website came online in early 2020. Without their action, their mother fleet like so many from the earlier eras would almost certainly belong to the ages today. In addition, they won the Creativity award in the 2014 Tournament of Simulations.

Congratulations to all three winners!  They truly represent the very best of the simming & online role playing community. This year’s awards were chosen by the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors: David Ball, Leon Archer, Mister Xanadu, Tiberius Creations, Ken Gillis, Misty Diamond, Chris England, Malkfan, and myself. Advisor Charles Star did not participate. All results are final and not subject to appeal.

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How to Win a Squiddie (and other awards too)!

Stay tuned for the 2021 & 2022 awards….