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FallFest VII. December 9th. Be there.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that 2017 Squiddie winner Bravo Fleet will be hosting FallFest VII on December 9th, 2017!  Bravo Fleet’s own Zachary O’Connell will serve as the chairman.  Bravo Fleet is a fantastic club with a storied history.  We have no doubt that they’ll put on an absolutely wonderful festival a month from today.  Oh yeah, Zachary O’Connell’s pretty cool too!

If you’ve never heard of FallFest (officially the Ongoing Worlds Fall Festival), it’s a time when the entire simming and online roleplaying community comes together for a few short hours in online chat rooms for engaging discussions, interactive trivia games, and live chat role plays.  In short, we share ideas, information, and energy!  Zachary and Bravo Fleet are on point to plan, advertise, and execute the festival.  Indeed, it takes a lot of work to make FallFest happen! Read More


How will the Simming & Online Role Playing Universe End?

NASA's 9 Year Microwave Sky Image

NASA’s 9 Year Microwave Sky Image
“The Face of God”

Much like the origin of the universe, the beginnings of the simming and online role playing community remain shrouded in mystery.  Sure, we know that it developed out of fan fiction on primordial online services of the late 1980s and early 1990s, but we lack specifics, and many of the details we do have are quite vague.

Records exist for many of the major players and significant historical events, but we miss a lot of the nuance.  It is also highly likely that there are pockets of our cosmos that we don’t even know about it, and now may never know about.

In the approximately 25 years since our creation, clubs, much like stars, have come and gone.  And role-plays, much like planets have come and gone too.  The community is much different now than it was then.  Indeed, just as the physical universe is more mature and less volatile than it was during its early days, our demographic is older and our universe more stable as well.  But how will it all end?  Here are three possibilities:  The Big Freeze, The Big Crunch, and The Big Bounce.
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Whoever you are… you should be at FallFest today

FallFest V

2015 Simming Fall Festival
image by Jalana Rajel

That’s right, the 2015 Simming Fall Festival will be held today (5th Dec) from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST (1:30 PM to 10:30 PM GMT) in IRC chat rooms.  Host UFOP: StarBase 118 and chair James Drysdale have put together an absolutely fantastic schedule that features some of the most talented from among us leading multiple discussions, games, and trivias.

No matter who you are in the community–from an Ensign to a Fleet Admiral, a rogue trader to a Jedi, or an Orc to an Elf, there will be something for you!  FallFest is when the entire simming and online role playing community comes together to discuss our craft.  We talk about how to be better writers.  We talk about how to be better leaders.  We about how to better get along.  And most importantly, we have fun, and lots of it!  Those who have attended past FallFests will all agree: It is the highlight of the year.  And you can be a part of it!

Whether you’re an individual role player, a host, or a club leader, there’s something at FallFest for you:

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Small Avatar 2Hey OW family, I’ve been away from my home for awhile [my home here at OW] and honestly, as a moderator and a member of the community, I feel I owe everybody and explanation and an apology. And that’s exactly what I’m here to do. Read More


Designing great factions for a great game – Tips for the perfect imperfect factions

This article is written by Kim Smouter from the New Worlds Project, which we’ve blogged about before (see other articles here).

Berleos class light destroyer

Getting your factions right is key to a setting

With New Worlds Project launching on the 2nd January 2016, I was reminded of a series that I wrote for OngoingWorlds a few years back in anticipation of our Reboot. In looking for themes for a new article, I decided to concentrate on an aspect which can make or break a role-playing game, and that is: it’s setting and particularly its factions.

Every role-playing game master will face this choice. Whether they will base their setting on an established setting like Star Trek, Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games or whether they will take that leap and create their own where everything has to be built. Read More


So I created a text adventure

Text adventureOne of the very first computer games I ever played was a text-adventure based on Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail. It was basic, but hilarious.

In the adventure, you had to type “go north” to travel to a different area, and “Pick up key” etc to pick stuff up. It’s dead basic but because it was pure text, it allowed silly things to happen. Like an encounter with the Nights who say “ni”, who say “ni” to you so many times you shrivel up into a pile of bath salts. Read More


5 Roleplaying pet peeves

Hey dudes, I saw these on the Roleplay Pet Peeves blog on Tumblr, and thought it’d be interesting to share.

RPers who expect the mun to know everything about the world Read More


Non-text-based game based on text-based game!

starbug thruster

I love play-by-post games, they’re great. My favourite game, Blue Dwarf (which has been now running for 15 years!) inspired me last year to create a different type of game though. Read More


Is it okay to be emotionally connected your RP character?


I saw this meme from the Tumblr blog Fuck Yeah Roleplay Rabbit (which is often brilliant but sometimes cryptic), and it got me thinking if it’s okay if you get a bit too emotionally invested in your character?  Read More


Mr. Xanadu’s Cool Tools

Xanadu Crest

The Xanadu Report

Who doesn’t love a cool gadget or app that can do all sorts of superfluous things? I for one literally have an entire folder dedicated to them on Google Chrome (Don’t you dare judge me!) A good lot of them are used for roleplaying on Ongoing Worlds. Most of them don’t actually contribute to the actual writing, they’re mostly used for expanded universe content (I wrote a rather lengthy article on that a while back). I figured, just for the fun of it, I’d put them up here for you guys to use.

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