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2018 Simming Prize Winners Announced!

This article was posted at the request of John Nugra, the Administrator of the Simming Prize.

The Simming Prize dates back to 1999 in honoring the very best of the online role playing community.  Up to five Prizes are awarded annually to people, sims, clubs, and other organizations that (1) exemplify service, quality, and dedication within play-by-post online role-playing; or who (2) pioneer new technology or techniques within the community. The Prizes can recognize a significant onetime accomplishment, or sustained contributions over a period of time.  The Simming Prize is presented in the memory of longtime role player and leader Seth Cotis.  

After careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation, the Simming Prize trustees and judges hereby award the 2018 Simming Prize to:

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Submit your 2017 Simming Prize nomination

Tis the season to be jolly! The nomination period for the 2017 Simming Prize has officially opened! Some of you may have heard whispers as we geared up and began the hunt for judges and nominees on the low key, but now it’s absolutely undeniable that we’re open and ready for business once again! Read More


Announcing the latest Simming Prize laureates

The Trustees of the Simming Prize are honored to announce our latest laureates:

* Charles Star of Independence Fleet – For his unprecedented contributions to the simming community. As a founder and long time leader within Independence Fleet, Charles has personally sponsored the launch of 21 sims and commanded 10 within the club. During his time as IDF CinC in the early 2000s and as Chief of Fleet Ops from 2010 – 12 he oversaw exceptional growth within the club. More recently, Charles has been a primary a leader within the larger simming community, serving as the administrator/coordinator for SciWorld, FallFest, the Tournament of Simulations, and the Squiddie and OWCH awards. He is a member of the OngoingWorlds Board of Advisers, and has been the instigator of community wide April Fools jokes. Charles is also a storehouse of simming knowledge, and has been a primary contributor to the Roleplay Wiki and the OngoingWorlds Blog. Read More


Simming Prize nomination season!

The Simming Prize

The Simming Prize

Tis’ the end of the year!  Which means it’s impossible to take a step around here without stumbling across someone trying to hand out an award.

And guess what?  I’m pleased to announce the Simming Prizes are now accepting nominations, which you can submit by going here.  The deadline for nominations is January 7.

So what are the Simming Prizes?  Well those of us at the Prizes like to think of them as the Nobel Prizes of the simming and play-by-post online role-playing community.  (We have a healthy ego!)  By this, we mean the Prizes are intended to honor people & organizations that have made significant contributions to our collective gaming community.  We are not in the business of evaluating and finding the best sim of the year (we leave that task to our able friends at the Tournament of Simulations).

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How to Win a Squiddie (and other awards too)!

Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing

Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing

We have received a few questions about how we choose the Squiddies winners (20162017, 2018) and what makes a good candidate.  Before we get to that, I want to do two things first:  1) Explain the Squiddies to anyone who might not be familiar with them, and 2) Provide a brief overview of some of the other major annual awards within the greater simming and online role playing community.

  1. The Squiddie (officially the “Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying”) is presented annually to three entities: one person, one sim, and one sim club.  It also consists of three categories: Excellence in Roleplaying, Originality & Innovation, and Facilitating the Community Experience.  The award is sponsored by us, Ongoing Worlds, and was first presented in 2013.
  2. The Squiddie is one of three families of major community-level awards.  The oldest is the Simming Prize (officially the “Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis“), dating back to 1999.  Originally awarded by the Simming League and later by Ongoing Worlds, it is now bestowed by a group of trustees.  It is presented to up to five entities each year and is named in memory of an early influential simming leader.  ToS (“Tournament of Simulations”) is the final group of awards.  In ToS, volunteer judges from around the community read posts form participating games and choose winners in different categories that may vary from year to year.  ToS also dates back to 1999.  It is currently presented by Ongoing Worlds, but began in the Simming League as well.

Clear as mud?  Fantastic!  So here’s how we choose Squiddie winners… Read More


Tis the season for Prizes


Tis the end of the year, which means one thing – awards season. Between the Sethies, Shunis, and Squiddies, one can’t take a step without stumbling over a trophy.

Add another to the mix – the Simming Prize. Read More


The other Simming Prize winners… including The Gamemaster!

I was emailed today by Chas Hammer (one of the Simming prize trustees), letting me know that he’s updated the Roleplay Wiki with the other Simming Prize winners (I posted last week to let you all know that OngoingWorlds was a winner – see here).

One of the other winners was our very own The Gamemaster from OngoingWorlds. The Gamemaster is in many games, such as Darkfalls, Hero High & Spellbound (see his profile here for a full list). Read More


OngoingWorlds has won the 2014 Simming Prize!

simming prize certificate 2014

I received an email this morning from Chas Hammer with this message:

On behalf of the Simming Prize Trustees, it is with great pleasure that I award Ongoing Worlds the Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis aka the Simming Prize.  Obviously, last year we awarded you personally for your work at Ongoing Worlds, but this year we wanted to recognize Ongoing Worlds as a collective effort, and honor all the games and contributors who have helped build Ongoing Worlds into the amazing hub of online role-playing.

This was quite a surprise! Like Chas says above, last year the award was given to me personally – although I did say it was for everyone in this article, but this time it really IS for everyone in the OngoingWorlds community, so well done you!

And I certainly agree. This community is a great one, and the website has increased so much in popularity over the last few years. Many people put a lot of effort into their posts, and I’m talking about you. So give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 This certificate is for you!

In fact, print it out and frame it, so you can look at it all the time and remember how ace you are. Here it is:

simming prize certificate 2014

I want to make a special mention to all the SquidGuard, who help keep the trolls at bay, and maintain law and order on OngoingWorlds!

Also I want to thank those who have donated to our monthly server costs. We haven’t yet managed to raise enough for the year, so please donate if you’re enjoying OngoingWorlds! It definitely helps.

Oh yeah, the year in the title is intentionally last year, before you ask! As the award is given at the end of the year. Hilariously though it’s taken more than 6 months for this to be announced (nominations were asked for back in December), and if you look at the date on the certificate it’s also taken 2 months for someone to email it to me!


Still time to enter your game for the Simulation Cup!

Simulation Cup

2014 Simulation Cup

About a week and a half ago, we announced the 2014 Simulation Cup (historically known as the Tournament of Simulations).  Thus far we’ve received nominations for 18 outstanding games.  And what a group it is!  Everyone who entered a sim into the competition should have already received a confirmation email.  If you have NOT received your confirmation email, please forward your entry form to me at star [dot] idf [at] gmail [dot] com.  Just want to make sure we don’t miss anyone.

I also want to let everyone know that we’ve extended the deadline to submit your game(s) to 24 hours after the publishing of this post.  So there’s still time if you missed the last window… Read More


Keep the festive spirit going by nominating your game & favorite roleplayer for an award


There’s currently two awards you can nominate for right now, and both are certainly worth winning! Annoyingly, they both have similar names so I’ll try to clear things up. Read More