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3 ways to reward your players with prizes

Bender holding an applause sign for awesome roleplayersMany roleplayers put a lot of thought and effort into their posts, something that it’s nice to reward. Here’s some ideas to reward your players, whether it’s as part of a competition you’re hosting, or just for the sake of being nice:

1. Send them a prize

In an article published here by Elena from Before the Mast RPG, she talks about hosting events & activities and then rewarding players with prizes, sending bonus code on their betting accounts, and says “Having a concrete prize, to hold in your hand and to remain as a wonderful souvenir of the story you are writing together, counts a lot and it is more thoughtful”. Which is completely true, having a physical prize can mean a lot more than something digital.

In the past I’ve sent prizes to players in my Blue Dwarf game, which include several mugs, and also a custom-made Starbug which was created out of modelling clay and given away as a competition prize on our 9 year anniversary.

Starbug prize 9 year anniversary

A model Starbug made from modelling clay to commemorate 9 years of Blue Dwarf

2. Give them an award in OngoingWorlds

You can reward members of your game with a custom award. This will show on their public profile. There’s step-by-step instructions how to do this here, or watch this video:

3. Send a virtual gift

Much much easier them option 1, you could just send them a virtual gift for winning some kind of competition in your game (or just for being an excellent player). This could be, well, anything really, and it means you don’t ahve to faff about sending things through the post (which is expensive if your players are all in different countries). But good ideas are:

  • Amazon voucher – It’s a bit impersonal but who doesn’t like free money?
  • Steam game code – It’s dead easy to buy a game on Steam and send the access code to the winner. All they have to do is download. Brilliant prize!

4. Thanks and appreciation

This one should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Sometimes it’s just nice to receive a message of thanks or appreciation. Something that just says “well done, I really loved your last post – it was awesome!”. Keep your players happy and they’ll remain in your game a long time, and this should also strengthen your friendship too.

I know this post hasn’t exactly been rocket science, but I wanted to remind you that many roleplayers put a lot of effort into their writing and sometimes it’s nice to be rewarded 🙂

Got more ideas for rewards? Let us know in the comments below.