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New game category: Modern fantasy

Fantasy roleplay setting inside urban environmentIt was pointed out to me recently that there’sa gap in the game categories for games that are fantasy themed, but don’t exist in a fantasy setting. The current game categories are vague (deliberately so!), and so if you wanted a game set in a modern setting but where magic exists, like for example Harry Potter, you had to either select “Fantasy” or “Modern”.

Labelling a game “Fantasy” is putting it into a broad category that contains high-fantasy like Lord of the Rings, or Narnia, or wacky worlds like the setting of Dark Crystal or Princess Bride. Also labelling it “Modern” groups it with high school dramas and real-world dramas. Neither of these suit a Harry Potter type game.

So we’ve added the “Modern Fantasy” category

You can choose Modern Fantasy when you create a new game, or you can switch by editing your game’s description.

Modern fantasy roleplay category

This change was suggested by a member submitting our contact form. If you’d like to request a feature, please submit the form here.