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New game category: Modern fantasy

Fantasy roleplay setting inside urban environmentIt was pointed out to me recently that there’sa gap in the game categories for games that are fantasy themed, but don’t exist in a fantasy setting. The current game categories are vague (deliberately so!), and so if you wanted a game set in a modern setting but where magic exists, like for example Harry Potter, you had to either select “Fantasy” or “Modern”.

Labelling a game “Fantasy” is putting it into a broad category that contains high-fantasy like Lord of the Rings, or Narnia, or wacky worlds like the setting of Dark Crystal or Princess Bride. Read More


World building ideas to use for the setting of your game

A futuristic city

Set your game in a futuristic city?

When you create a new role-playing game, you’ll need to think about the world that your characters inhabit. This world can be anything you want it to be, it can be a period of time in history, or it could be a totally alien planet with a very different ecosystem.

Make sure all members understand your world

Because this is a role-playing game, your world needs to be well thought out before you start, as you characters are going to explore this world, and it helps if all the members in your game fully understand the world. Otherwise they could create inconsistencies which could lead to arguments. It’s best to write some documentation about your world, just so that all members know everything about the world. This could be as detailed as you need, but don’t make it too long and boring or your members might ignore it!

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