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The Mighty, and classy, Steampunk Genre

Steampunk landscape
Steampunk. Perhaps one of the most beloved genres of science-fiction in the modern age, Steampunk is classed as a subgenre of Cyberpunk but the roots of Steampunk do stretch back as far back to 1844 with The Aerial Burglar by Percival Leigh. Since then many great minds have influenced the Steampunk genre, most notably the great H.G. Wells and the fantastic Jules Verne. Read More


Sci-fi western? Zombie romance? Multiple new categories available

Cowboy aliens roleplay

This feature was requested a while ago, and I forgot who asked for it (own up in the comments below!). And I thought it was a good idea. Instead of having just one game category, you can now have several Read More


New category: Adventure

Indiana Jones

A new category of “Adventure” has been added to the list of types of games. Read More


Knowing Which Genre To Pick

Different genres, star trek, star wars, harry potter etc

Experience has proven that there is no cut and dry formula for success. There is no genre that one can pick to have instant, guaranteed success, as there are no guarantees at all in roleplaying games. But we do know that certain genres do and don’t lend themselves well to roleplay, and that others may never be as popular. Read More


New game category: Modern fantasy

Fantasy roleplay setting inside urban environmentIt was pointed out to me recently that there’sa gap in the game categories for games that are fantasy themed, but don’t exist in a fantasy setting. The current game categories are vague (deliberately so!), and so if you wanted a game set in a modern setting but where magic exists, like for example Harry Potter, you had to either select “Fantasy” or “Modern”.

Labelling a game “Fantasy” is putting it into a broad category that contains high-fantasy like Lord of the Rings, or Narnia, or wacky worlds like the setting of Dark Crystal or Princess Bride. Read More