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New category: Adventure

Indiana Jones

A new category of “Adventure” has been added to the list of types of games. This was requested by a new member, and was discussed at great length in the OW Elite Facebook group.

Initially i thought it was a category which is too broad, as the other categories (fantasy, scifi, modern etc) describe a setting and not a genre. Our roleplaying games might have many different types of stories, adventure, horror etc, within the same setting. But Cedrada proved that a genre does not mean category, and I was finally won over by Angfaulith who said:

I feel Adventue is a good game genre as it can be used as an opposition to Horror, as Adventure would imply a lighter theme. It would also imply the game is not based soly on a predetermined location and that is is expected of the game to move form location to location a lot.

Fair enough. Adventure is now a game category!

Btw – this isn’t the only website change I’ve made recently, you can see a list of others here.