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What makes a post awesome?

be awesome

The following is an extract from a guide to roleplaying by Kepler Station. I really like it when games & clubs help to educate people and bring them into our hobby of roleplaying! This is from the chapter “What makes a post awesome?”

  • It tells you more about the character. You see the world through the character’s eyes, get a deeper understanding of their mannerisms and their philosophy
  • Advances the story. Even if it’s only by a little bit, the post moves forward the main plot, an approved subplot, or someone’s character arc
  • Creates openings for others to write. A good post goes out of its way to offer a place for others to expand on it, to engage other players
  • Length doesn’t matter if the point hits the spot (That sounds naughty)
  • The character has a chance to develop at a realistic IC rate: a romance takes more than one IC day to blossom or solutions to problems are found over time and with the help of others.

I definitely agree with the first 2 points on this list, and in fact professional writers do too! There’s a great quote by Kurt Vonnegut that says this exact same thing (see the quote here).

Do you agree with these? Are there any more points you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Kepler Station Player Guide (PDF), from the Kepler Station website.