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How do you focus on getting stuff done?

Stuff to get done today - the oatmeal

I’ve got no answers. I honestly don’t know how people do it. 

Some people manage to stay focussed and achieve lots, while I get to the end of the day and look back, thinking about all the things I was supposed to do – but didn’t.

I get distracted so easily, and end up without as much time for writing as I should. The best advice I can give is: Make sure the thing you’re distracted by is productive. So at least I feel like I’ve achieved something.

Do you have any advice on staying focussed? How much time do you allow yourself for writing? Is it enough? Do you have any tips for the rest of us? Comment below!

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  • threnody

    I bribe myself! Finish this job – write some, finish that job – write some. Have a meeting you really don’t want to go to? You can have a few minutes fiddling with words after it. Sometimes I send the husband to the pub on a Saturday afternoon and find a spot in the sun with a glass of wine and a laptop and fidget with words and stories. It’s win-win! I get some wordy time, and he gets football + beer (he thinks I’m the best wife ever haha 😉 ) Also as a GM, I have a whiteboard with the plot and detours to date mapped out, so I always know where I need to be if I’m pressed for time.

  • Johnny

    I really on the pressure of Commitment and the Last Minute. I have, many times, tried to write `the novel of my dreams’. However, when I only have myself to impress or disappoint, I will always disappoint myself because of my Commitment to others. So I have chosen to write WITH and FOR others. I make that Commitment. And since I MUST write… I simply… MUST, because, like everyone here, I have an urge to create… I have decided to write WITH and FOR others. Additionally, since I am much too proud of my creations, I write as well as I can, trying to impress, hoping not to disappoint, not only others, but myself.
    The same is true of almost everything in my life. If not for my Commitment to others, I would be like George Costanza, sitting around naked all day eating cheese. Because doing nothing is easier than doing anything.
    And even when struggling to honor those Commitments, I usually wait until the Last Minute. It is true of many and certainly for me, if it wasn’t for the Last Minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.
    So, Family, Home, Work, and Writing. Those are my priorities, in that order. And if you take the first three as a `given’, then I really only have one need: writing.
    And if it wasn’t for Commitment, I am sure that would be much lower on the list.