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StatCat: Top users by wordcount

statcat4It was in the comments in the last StatCat article that Locke from Blue Dwarf mentioned that we could find each user’s wordcount per month. Effectively finding out who’s written the most this month, and also, who’s written the most on OngoingWorlds so far. Ever.

So it wasn’t long before I checked my email and Locke had sent me some SQL to feed to StatCat (yes, our smart moggy loves SQL, especially tuna-flavoured).

Wordcount: May

So here’s the top users last month by word count:

Jaxx 58,513 words 98 posts
nightsscarling 36,556 words 95 posts
Eve_L 23,962 words 69 posts
Tear of Blood 20,707 words 121 posts
Sairento 17,230 words 93 posts
Captain Dinosaur 16,364 words 21 posts
Tiberius Creations 16,232 words 28 posts
StarlightBloodhound 15,314 words 126 posts
ViennaSociety 15,135 words 23 posts
Vitamin K 13,293 words 51 posts

Bear in mind that a novel is about 60,000 words, so Jaxx has almost written one last month!

Wordcount: 2014 so far

Yeah, so we can find out who’s written the most this year so far. Again, this is by wordcount, not the amount of posts.

Jaxx 174,000 words 237 posts
nightsscarling 124,182 words 367 posts
Eve_L 120,378 words 323 posts
Mrxanadu 117,134 words 252 posts
ViennaSociety 88,177 words 161 posts
Thayr 76,762 words 411 posts
Tiberius Creations 71,262 words 190 posts
Tear of Blood 67,184 words 327 posts
Celticlady 62,928 words 475 posts
1An0maly1 61,719 words 120 posts

Also let’s take this a bit further. Tib asked me Last week which games have been around the longest, and I promise I’ll ask StatCat that next, although it’s fairly easy to find out. Blue Dwarf is the definite oldest, running over 14 years. But in all that time, want to know who’s written the most?

Wordcount: From forever

So this includes all games. But is dominated by Blue Dwarf, just because it’s been running so long of course.

Onion 951,900 words 1617 posts
BaronVonLongman 699,225 words 1332 posts
Jaxx 368,720 words 556 posts
Mrxanadu 305,886 words 520 posts
Locke 277,932 words 249 posts
Alex Solvay 233,936 words 306 posts
smandy 214,233 words 476 posts
Mobius 164,652 words 735 posts
henrypotema 156,080 words 217 posts
Eve_L 140,522 words 348 posts

So if a novel starts at 60,000 words, I’ve written about 15 of them, right? Well done to Longman, who has been an excellent writer for so long on Blue Dwarf. Also a special congratulations to Jaxx, who not only came top of the first 2 tables, but has come 3rd of all time.

So, now you know!