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StatCat – Top users in May


StatCat – Caution, may bite

StatCat has been rubbing up against my leg and leaving fur everywhere, telling me the top 10 users with the most posts throughout May.

Here they are:

StarlightBloodhound 126 posts
Tear of Blood 121 posts
GentlemanDoctor 111 posts
Jaxx 98 posts
nightsscarling 95 posts
Sairento 93 posts
XxRavensHeavenxX 78 posts
Eve_L 75 posts
Lazerus 67 posts
Jochaum 61 posts

Well done StarlightBloodhound aka Logan MacD! Logan is a member of many games on OngoingWorlds, Hero High, Bloody Gifts, Sacred Moon, Secrets of the Seas, and more.

A special mention should go to XxRavensHeavenxX aka Dawn Aurora Summers for getting into the top 10 by just being in one game: Mythological fantasy game Mystic Warriors

Remember as we said on the last StatCat article, the number of posts doesn’t always mean they’re the best. If you’re the type of person to post less often but great quality, you should congratulate yourself also!

Thanks StatCat! (he’s purring)

  • Tear of Blood

    Wow… I didn’t expect that.

  • Starlight Bloodhound

    I did not ever even think that I would make the list, nonetheless make the top of it….

  • Mrxanadu

    There should be one of these for best post quality

    • Starlight Bloodhound

      I agree with Xan!

      • Tiberius Creations

        It is really hard to measure “quality” as the opinion of quality changes among different people. Not saying it can’t be done but it’s hard.

        • Andy Locke

          we can do queries that cover word count and maybe even a statistical analysis of word and sentence length, but beyond that scoring posts by the Flesch readability score or similar in SQL is just an exercise in masochism

          • Haha yeah we could use a flesch kincaid readability score but yeah that’d be complicated and likely get confused with all the weird names and terms we all use in our games.

            There’s also the post ratings that we could use to assign a score. Everyone in a game can rate other players posts. I could do a StatCat article showing users with the highest ratings.

  • Eve_l

    Wow, I had no idea people even tracked that data …