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SquidGuard, continuing to be awesome!

a job well done

You might not know, but there’s an admin team behind OngoingWorlds keeping us safe from the evil tyrants of the universe! Well, what we actually do is close down inappropriate games and ban members who cause trouble.

This takes time, so I want to thank the admin team (also dubbed “SquidGuard”). You guys are awesome!

There are times when SquidGuard have to leap into action and act quickly, luckily not that often because this community is a good one and very respectful of others. But there was such a time recently where a game was created with an offensive subject, and it was dealt with quickly. We also had a few others send messages through our contact us form too, and I also want to thank those people for letting us know. You are every bit as awesome, so thanks a lot!

Here’s the Admin Team