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Spellbound – Thank You for Two Years of Magic

Aetherion IIIAfternoon everyone, Leon Archer here also known as Phantasmagoria, the GM for Spellbound. I’d like to tell you about some cool things that I’ve got planned for this November/December.

So, you may have noticed this month that Octy has donned his wizard’s hat and wand. That’s because this month is the 2nd anniversary for Spellbound. I want to personally give everyone who’s been with us all this time and those who are more recent a massive thank you for all the support and love you’ve put into the Spellbound world. Really, you guys are the best!

So to celebrate, I’ve got in touch with some graphic designers of mine to have a canvas commissioned for the occasion. Now, I had a brainwave. Let’s make this a competition! The winner naturally receiving the canvas of the college of Spellbound with mine and David Ball’s (he doesn’t know this yet) signatures and a personal thank you message for making Ongoing Worlds and Spellbound what it is.

How do you win? Easy, write a post on Spellbound about how your character arrived at the school of Aetherion. Posts that qualify will be judged by myself and two others. Competition will end on the 5th of December when the new story arc for Spellbound will begin.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing all your origin stories!