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Spellbound – Thank You for Two Years of Magic

Aetherion IIIAfternoon everyone, Leon Archer here also known as Phantasmagoria, the GM for Spellbound. I’d like to tell you about some cool things that I’ve got planned for this November/December.

So, you may have noticed this month that Octy has donned his wizard’s hat and wand. That’s because this month is the 2nd anniversary for Spellbound. I want to personally give everyone who’s been with us all this time and those who are more recent a massive thank you for all the support and love you’ve put into the Spellbound world. Really, you guys are the best! Read More


Spellbound Narrated – Requiring Voice Actors!

Leon Archer

Leon Archer, GM of Spellbound

Hello everyone, Leon Archer here – also known as Phantasmagoria.

I’m here for something a little bit special today.

Today I have started to record some of your stories into fully voiced episodes that I’m hoping will be available on a weekly basis.

But to do this, I am going to need your help. Read More


Spellbound: Taking inspiration from fantasy

DavidOne of the games I keep noticing pop up on the homepage occasionally is Spellbound, a fantasy game created last November, and had a very popular time over December and January. Spellbound has a good compliment of character,s each with a consistent Japanese anime style image. The game’s pace unfortunately slowed over February- March but made a comeback in April and has been on the homepage (or not far away) ever since.

I spoke to the creator of the game Phantasmagoria and asked him about Spellbound.

Have you played play-by-post games before?

phantasmagoriaI regularly play a few play-by-post games on-line – we usually use special forums such as Myth Weavers to play. Since they are designed to play games this way, and contain a load of features that make a game easy to manage and play for both the game master and the players themselves. Most of the games I play I usually tend to be the game master. I like having that ability to create a world. It’s where my user name comes from. Phantasmagoria could be described as a magical illusion of changing imagery, and considering with each new play-by-post game is a different world and changing story, I think this suits rather well! Read More