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Private games are now in beta

Woman roleplaying suspiciously

Quite a few people asked for private games in the recent survey, so I’ve worked hard this weekend and private games are now available. Well, technically they’re in beta which means it’s a brand new feature which might have bugs which need ironing out.

mug and code

Me working on OngoingWorlds code!

Making your game a private game

Making your game private means:

  • All posts are private – They can only be seen by logged-in members
  • All character profiles are private – They can only be seen by logged-in members
  • Pending members can’t see any characters or posts until they’re approved
  • Private games still show on the homepage and in the search – Or nobody would ever find them to join!

How to make your game private

This is a feature only for people who’ve donated.

  1. You need to have created a game already
  2. Go to the donations page and select the “Make your game private” perk
  3. During the donation you’ll be asked which game you want to make private
  4. Because this is a new feature there’s a manual step involved. Behind the scenes I’ll make your game private asap & email you when it’s done.


  • threnody

    Nice work David!

  • Mrxanadu

    Yes, yes, all is going according to plan..

  • Jaxx

    Mrxanadu sounds like he is up to no good. You may have to give him a wag of the finger.

    • Maybe he’s planning an erotic game?

      • Jaxx

        I guess Ecchi knows no bounds these days. But if you think about it the only reason to have a private game is to post things that can’t be posted in public without consequences. I imagine you will get an eyeful having to monitor these Ero-posts. 😉

        • I’m not sure what people will be using a private game for, but 55% of people voted for it! We’ll see

          • Vitamin K

            I could see it as maybe useful for beta-testing a game before opening it to the public? But since you can already restrict who joins, the only diff is nobody else can read the posts, so…not sure.

          • I think some people like to post under a veil of privacy because it’s experimental or maybe they’re embarrassed. Which of course they shouldn’t be – writing is a great hobby and nothing to be ashamed of! But still some people are nervous about their family or coworkers reading it.

          • Jaxx

            I think its the topic and not the actual writing they would feel embarrassed about. I imagine would be hard to explain why a Deacon or Minister is writing stories about naughty things.