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How to host an event at SciWorld


Calling all text based Roleplayers! The annual SciWorld Online Convention is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for May 5th & 6th and join in the fun!

Interested in hosting a trivia, discussion or live RP? Fill out this form ASAP ( and a member of the organizing committee will get back to you.

Events run roughly from 2:30pm EST on May 5th, and 10 am on May 6th. Both days are likely to run past midnight to accommodate timezones.

Keep up with the latest by checking out the website ( or joining our Facebook group ( Don’t forget to invite your friends!

First held in 1999, SciWorld is the oldest continuing play-by-post role-playing community event. The convention is free and open to all, regardless of rank or club affiliation.