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SciWorld is Here!

Good evening,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone that the SciWorld convention is just about eight hours away. For an up-to-date schedule and additional information please visit the website for the con and it’s Discord.




SciWorld is Coming!

Sciworld - celebrate roleplaying

Greetings and salutations everyone,

In April we had completed selection of the host for SciWorld this year and after giving the host some time to prepare we are happy to announce that Theta Fleet will be hosting this year’s SciWorld. Theta Fleet is a well-known organization in the simming community and so we are happy for their willingness to help us with this year’s event. Kathryn Burke the TFCO has graciously taken on the role of chair for the event and has already been actively working on planning the coming SciWorld for everyone to enjoy.

It has been decided that this year’s 20th SciWorld Online Convention will be held on June 11th 2022 starting at 11 AM Eastern Time (-4 UTC) and with closing ceremonies at 6 PM Eastern Time. This is a lovely chance for simmers and role players of all types to get together, chat, share ideas, play fun trivia games and experience the larger community that role playing has to offer in hopes of building new bonds, furthering our own knowledge and sharing our love for role playing together without regard to affiliation, position or rank.

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SciWorld Host Needed!

Good day world,

It is indeed time for us to once again plan for the year… In part of that planning we need help getting ready for SciWorld. This is an annual event where role players and simmers can meet up with others in the community, mingle with each other, learn something new or just have fun. In getting ready we need to select a host and chair for SciWorld. The chair is an individual from the host organization who serves as the point person to coordinate the schedule, advertising, and logistics. More specifically, the host and chair will work with us here in the SimmingHub Organizing Committee to:

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SciWorld and FallFest Need You!

Hello everyone,

Today I just wanted to post a quick message to remind the community at large that the SimmingHub Organizing Committee has openings to help select sponsor clubs for each of the upcoming SciWorld and FallFest Conventions. In the coming months we want to start accepting applications for FallFest’s sponsor club and as a result we need help from those who have a vested interest in offering their time. This will not take much work and would merely be a few short conversations over Discord about applications and reviewing those who apply to select a sponsor for each event. If you have an interest please feel free to explain why you are interested, the group or groups you have been part of and a brief bit about your history in simming/role playing then send this via email to jhina (at) tnuproject (dot) org.


What a SciWorld!

A SciWorld for the ages! Where do I even begin? With some of the most diverse topics & panels I’ve ever seen, great ideas & comments from the audience, and a trivia event that felt more like a shark feeding frenzy, this SciWorld had it all. I haven’t even mentioned the hilarious opening ceremony video yet; thank you Charles and the team for that. If you missed SciWorld, we look forwarding to seeing you at FallFest, which will happen sometime later this year. Both events will be held in this discord server moving forward.

Now that TNU Project‘s SimmingHub has officially assumed the management & administration of SciWorld & FallFest with the completion of our first convention, I would like to personally thank Ongoing Worlds and Charles Star for sponsoring the last three SciWorlds and all 10 FallFests. Your service to the community is much appreciated and we hope to live up to the ideals you championed. On behalf of the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors and the SimmingHub Organizing Committee it is also an honor of mine to bestow some awards to members of the community, without whom this event would not have been possible.

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2021 SciWorld Online Convention

The 2021 SciWorld Online Convention begins today at 11:30 am EDT (-4) / 3:30 pm GMT (+0) / 4:30 pm BST (+1). 

This year’s convention is sponsored by TNU Project, hosted by Independence Fleet, and chaired by Aurther Winters.


4 Reasons to go to SciWorld this Saturday, June 12th

That’s right, if you haven’t already heard, SciWorld ’21 is on Saturday, beginning at 11:30 AM EDT (-4) / 4:30 pm BST (+1). Our team from Independence Fleet & TNU Project have put in a lot a work to create a dynamic and provocative list of events backed by an outstanding infrastructure. It’s going to be a great day, and we want YOU to be a part of it:

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, or something else entirely.  Or if you prefer chat sims, play by e-mail, or message boards.  If you’re a simmer or online role player of any persuasion, there will be something there for you!  But what do you really get out of SciWorld?  Here are 4 reasons you should attend:

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SciWorld 2021: June 12th

We hereby invite all simmers and online role players to join us at 11:30 am EDT (-4) / 3:30 pm GMT (+0) / 4:30 pm BST (+1) on June 12th for the 2021 SciWorld Online Convention. We’ll start with the opening ceremony, move into seven hours of engaging discussions, interactive trivia games, and live chat role plays, and then conclude with the closing ceremony at 7:00 pm EDT / 11:00 pm GMT / midnight BST. As always, it’s sure to include a little bit of everything.

As we previously announced, Ongoing Worlds is turning over general management of both SciWorld and FallFest to TNU Project and Josh Hina. This and future conventions will be sponsored by TNU Project’s Simming Hub. This year’s SciWorld will be jointly hosted by Independence Fleet & Pegasus Fleet, and co-chaired by Aurther Winters & Amethyst.

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FallFest 2020: Saturday, November 14th

Big announcement time: After nine years of sponsoring the Simming Fall Festival (aka FallFest) and three years of sponsoring the SciWorld Online Convention, we’ve decided to turn management of both events over to TNU Project, where Josh Hina will continue in my role as General Coordinator. Josh and TNU will maintain the club-host model that we’ve used, but they’ll be handling all of the behind the scenes stuff that Ongoing Worlds has typically done.

Ongoing Worlds will sponsor FallFest 2020 while TNU Project will then assume sponsoring responsibilities for SciWorld 2021 and all future SciWorlds & FallFests. Sponsoring these two premier community events, which are steeped in role play history has been one of our greatest thrills here are at Ongoing Worlds. However, it’s simply time to move on, and we have no doubt that Josh and everyone at TNU Project will continue to make them better and better. To aid in the transition, Pegasus Fleet and Independence Fleet will be jointly hosting FallFest 2020 and SciWorld 2021.

FallFest X

Yes, join us for FallFest X on Saturday, November 14th. It will be a full day of engaging discussions, interactive trivia games, and live chat role plays–in a Discord server open to all simmers and online role players, regardless of rank or club affiliation. Basically, this is where we all come together as one to share ideas, information, and energy! 

AlexM of Pegasus Fleet & Ken Gillis of Independence Fleet will serve as co-chairs. They’ll be on point to build the schedule, advertise, and generally ensure that FallFest runs smoothly. It’s a big job, and they need your help!

What can I do?

  1. Plan to attend: this is one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet & connect with other role players!
  2. Invite your friends: let them join in on the fun too!
  3. Contact star [dot] idf [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like to host a one-hour discussion, trivia game, or role play.

Discord link:

Past FallFests

FallFest Dates Sponsor Host Chair
I Oct 28, 2011 Simming League Independence Fleet Charles Star
II Sep 21, 2012 Ongoing Worlds USS Asimov Jonathan Swift
III Oct 11, 2013 Ongoing Worlds UFOP: StarBase 118 Diego Herrera
IV Nov 22, 2014 Ongoing Worlds Phoenix Roleplaying Misty Taylor
V Dec 5, 2015 Ongoing Worlds UFOP: StarBase 118 James Drysdale
VI Nov 12, 2016 Ongoing Worlds Obsidian Fleet Myrkul Sharr
VII Dec 9, 2017 Ongoing Worlds Bravo Fleet Zachary O’Connell
VIII Dec 15, 2018 Ongoing Worlds TNU Project Josh Hina
IX Nov 9, 2019 Ongoing Worlds 22nd Fleet Andrew Greenfelt
X Nov 15, 2020 Ongoing Worlds Pegasus Fleet & Independence Fleet AlexM & Ken Gillis

See you at FallFest on November 14th!


SciWorld 2020 Style. Thank you.

What a fantastic celebration SciWorld 2020 was! It was outstanding from start to finish with excellent discussions and really, really fun trivia games. We’re all obviously in a situation wholly unfamiliar to us: the novel coronavirus pandemic and everything that it affects. However, SciWorld helped us break through that barrier and connect with each other just like we always have.

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