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We Hope You Enjoyed FallFest!

Good day,

I hope that you all are enjoying the holiday season of 2021! We are still not out of the woods in this pandemic thing but hopefully in 2022 we can make further progress together. Earlier this fall we all joined together for a wonderful FallFest hosted by 5th Fleet and chaired by their Chief of Operations Nixon. The event was great and people spoke well of things; I am happy that the hand over to SimmingHub has went so well and that people were willing to help run the event even though someone else was handling behind the scenes. I am honored to be a part of this moving forward and I want to thank 5th Fleet for helping this year making the event a success. This all could not have been done without their direct oversight of the set-up, planning and running of the event. I hope that we all as a community are able to keep all of this going over the years to make future FallFests and this next year’s SciWorld as successful as those prior.

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2021 Simming Fall Festival

Good morning/afternoon everyone!

Please remember that today; the 13th of November at 10:30 AM Eastern (less than an hour from now) is FallFest. Come join some of your fellow simmers/role players to take part in one of simmings premier conventions. We have games, talks and role playing planned so please join us today whenever you can. The event lasts until 4:30 PM Eastern. You can find out more information on the FallFest website at Link to the Discord and schedule are located on this site. Thank you to Fifth Fleet for hosting today’s event and Nixon for charring the event.


Simming Fall Festival

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FallFest is Coming

Greetings everyone,

I come to you today with information about our host for FallFest this year. After deliberations and discussion with those interested, we have asked 5th Fleet to host this year’s FallFest. They have accepted and appointed Nixon, their Operations Chief, as the Chair for this year’s event. It has been scheduled to take place on November 13th, 2021. SimmingHub and 5th Fleet have also discussed the potential of doing voice panels for those who are interested. We are hopeful that this year will continue the success of previous events and welcome your feedback.

As always please reach out to the host and chair if you would like to host a panel, help out in any way or if you have any questions. Last but not least mark your calendars for November 13th. We hope to see you at FallFest XI!




We Need A FallFest Host!

Hello everyone!

It is that time of year again… for what you ask… FallFest or the Simming Fall Festival! With us entering the season of FallFest we need to select a host. It is the first time for applicant selections through SimmingHub but we are trying to keep things like they were in the past. If you’re interested in hosting & chairing the role playing world’s premier one-day community event, submit an application by September 4th. FallFest has been held every year since our first festival back in 2011 started by OngoingWorlds.

For those who may be new to these events, FallFest is a one-day online convention held annually in Discord chat rooms for anything and everything simming and online role playing. We remember our past and look towards the future. It generally runs for a few hours and includes provacative discussions, trivia games, and live role plays. Originally intended to be a mini-SciWorld more friendly to European time zones, FallFest has since grown into much more!

We need a host & chair to make it all happen!

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SciWorld and FallFest Need You!

Hello everyone,

Today I just wanted to post a quick message to remind the community at large that the SimmingHub Organizing Committee has openings to help select sponsor clubs for each of the upcoming SciWorld and FallFest Conventions. In the coming months we want to start accepting applications for FallFest’s sponsor club and as a result we need help from those who have a vested interest in offering their time. This will not take much work and would merely be a few short conversations over Discord about applications and reviewing those who apply to select a sponsor for each event. If you have an interest please feel free to explain why you are interested, the group or groups you have been part of and a brief bit about your history in simming/role playing then send this via email to jhina (at) tnuproject (dot) org.


What a SciWorld!

A SciWorld for the ages! Where do I even begin? With some of the most diverse topics & panels I’ve ever seen, great ideas & comments from the audience, and a trivia event that felt more like a shark feeding frenzy, this SciWorld had it all. I haven’t even mentioned the hilarious opening ceremony video yet; thank you Charles and the team for that. If you missed SciWorld, we look forwarding to seeing you at FallFest, which will happen sometime later this year. Both events will be held in this discord server moving forward.

Now that TNU Project‘s SimmingHub has officially assumed the management & administration of SciWorld & FallFest with the completion of our first convention, I would like to personally thank Ongoing Worlds and Charles Star for sponsoring the last three SciWorlds and all 10 FallFests. Your service to the community is much appreciated and we hope to live up to the ideals you championed. On behalf of the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors and the SimmingHub Organizing Committee it is also an honor of mine to bestow some awards to members of the community, without whom this event would not have been possible.

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SciWorld 2021: June 12th

We hereby invite all simmers and online role players to join us at 11:30 am EDT (-4) / 3:30 pm GMT (+0) / 4:30 pm BST (+1) on June 12th for the 2021 SciWorld Online Convention. We’ll start with the opening ceremony, move into seven hours of engaging discussions, interactive trivia games, and live chat role plays, and then conclude with the closing ceremony at 7:00 pm EDT / 11:00 pm GMT / midnight BST. As always, it’s sure to include a little bit of everything.

As we previously announced, Ongoing Worlds is turning over general management of both SciWorld and FallFest to TNU Project and Josh Hina. This and future conventions will be sponsored by TNU Project’s Simming Hub. This year’s SciWorld will be jointly hosted by Independence Fleet & Pegasus Fleet, and co-chaired by Aurther Winters & Amethyst.

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That’s How You Do FallFest

What a FallFest! This past weekend, the entire role playing world came together for the 2020 Simming Fall Festival: a full day of lively discussions, great role playing, and interactive trivia games.  It was top-notch from the opening to closing bells. A real testament to the power of our greater community.  Simply put, FallFest was incredible!

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2020 Simming Fall Festival

The 2020 Simming Fall Festival is today.

A very special thanks to all of our hosts & contributors.


4 Reasons to Stop By FallFest X on Saturday

That’s right, if you haven’t already heard, FallFest X is on Saturday. Our team from Pegasus Fleet and Independence Fleet have put in a lot a work to create a dynamic and provocative list of events backed by an outstanding infrastructure. It’s going to be a great day, and we want YOU to be a part of it:

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, or something else entirely.  Or if you prefer chat sims, play by e-mail, or message boards.  If you’re a simmer or online role player of any persuasion, there will be something there for you!  But what do you really get out of FallFest?  Here are 4 reasons you should attend:

  1. You’ll get to rub elbows with many prominent members of our community.  In fact, some of the most successful and influential role players and simming leaders of all-time will be attending and facilitating events.  Learn from the best!
  2. You’ll hear about the latest and most innovative techniques and strategies for leading a successful role play.  Indeed, there will be multiple events dedicated to running better games.  Discover what’s working for others today!
  3. You’ll be able to role play with others from different clubs and genres.  With a diverse set of hosts and settings, you’ll experience a wide range of concepts and ideas.  Challenge the simming norms and help break barriers!
  4. You’ll have fun!  All simmers and online role players, regardless of rank or club affiliation, are invited to attend and participate.  There’s no way to energize your sim or club than to come back with a fresh perspective.

See you on Saturday at FallFest X!