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5 tips for creating your next character

Create an interesting character– you can easily get bored of writing about a character who doesn’t interest you. Others only like reading about interesting characters also.

Create a character that you can relate to, or are familiar with so that you can write about them comfortably.

Bastards make good characters, everyone loves a bastard. If everyone is nicey nice all of the time, this can be very boring. Some of the most memorable characters in TV, films and books have been the bad guys.

Avoid being related to any of the Red Dwarf crew. We have had it in the past and it can relate to crossovers with characters and complex relations and makes things needlessly complicated in the long run.

Make a note of how other characters have filled out their biographies. Include as much detail as possible about your character and don’t make it a list. We judge people on their biographies and how well they are written. If its bad we will dismiss it. A bad example would be:

“Joe has black hair. Joe has long hair. Joe has brown eyes.”

A good example would be:

“Joe has long black hair that flows around his shoulders and is often tied up in a pony tail. He also has deep brown eyes that glint with mischievousness.