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5 tips for creating your next character

Create an interesting character– you can easily get bored of writing about a character who doesn’t interest you. Others only like reading about interesting characters also. Read More


Creating a good character

This article was originally written by me for the Blue Dwarf website, but most of this applies to most other roleplaying games where you need to create a character. 

player 1

The character you play is probably the most crucial part of your role-playing experience. Your character will be your outlook onto the crazy world of Blue Dwarf, and how you interact with it. It is your character’s actions that you will write about, so they should be interesting! Read More


13 articles about creating a brilliant, flawed & interesting character

 I always feel that when I'm making a character, it's the flaws they have that really makes them who they are.

On this blog we’ve posted many articles about creating characters, but over time they’ve been pushed back in the archive, so here’s some handy links to ones that you might be interested in reading if you’re creating a new character, or to show to one of your newer members who’s struggling creating a new character. Read More


Characters must have goals & ways of achieving them

This was originally posted by Steven Savage on his blog, but has allowed me to republish it here as I think it’s useful for roleplayers! This is part of Steven’s Way With Worlds series of articles. -David

Every character should want something, even if it's only a glass of water

Stories, games, and all fiction is about people, about characters, about what they do and why. They may not be like us, we may not like them, but that’s what’s going on. We’re watching people (even if not human) do stuff to get results, though we may put it in more colorful ways. Read More


Way With Worlds: Where The Characters Are – And What

This was originally posted by Steven Savage on his blog, but has allowed me to republish it here as I think it’s useful for roleplayers! This is part of Steven’s Way With Worlds series of articles. -David


You have built a world. You know it’s origins and its ecology, you know it’s people and their religion, you know technology or sorcery (or both) that they use. You have a world that is a living-breathing creation, all in your head, and your documents, and your stories.

It’s time to populate it with characters. Read More


Way With Worlds: Character Creation

This is a segment of an article written by Steven Savage from his blog. Character creation is obviously important to us roleplayers, but obviously they should fit hand-in-hand with the setting of your game – the world that you’ve built. In this article Steven refers to a “character sheet” which is more of a tabletop roleplay concept, here on OngoingWorlds, you have a character bio. Same thing really, it’s somewhere to store & present important info about your character.


Characters are your setting come to visible, relatable life. Or at least should be.

The problem in discussing “how to create” characters is the process itself is also unpredictable, personal, and unique for everyone – just as characters are unique. So I can’t give you a system or even a list of questions that’ll “do it for you.” In fact, I shouldn’t because we all do this differently. Read More


How to use bitstrips to create a character image

Bitstrips comicEver wondered what it would be like to bring your characters to life? Human technology has a way to go before we can extract such from our imagination and animate these larger, or indeed smaller than life personalities. But there is always the other form of ‘animation’ and one that’s accessible to even those of us who find adjusting the toaster a challenge.

Bitstrips is an App available on Facebook and Twitter, which enables you to create cartoon avatars. You can create as many as you like if you have alternative profiles or friends that don’t mind you mutating them. Read More


How to join a game on Ongoing Worlds

Joining a game on Ongoing Worlds is easy, and the process has been made as easy as possible for the GM to quickly review your application process so that they can decide whether or not to allow you into their game.

Browse the available games

Click on “All Games” to see a list of all available games.

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Click ‘All Games’

You will be shown a list of all games, including a thumbnail photo for each, a description, and the titles of the two latest posts. You may find the game blackjack casino, it is an enjoyable game and even a newbie can play it, try it, you might get addicted to it! Look carefully at the dates of the latest posts, if they were posted a very long time ago, there’s a good possibility that this game has been abandoned. Also look at the number of players, it’s likely that you’ll want a game with more than a few players, but a high number of players might mean the game is very active.

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Browse games for one you want to join

Select the game by clicking on the title link. You will now be taken to the game’s homepage, where you will see the full description, and a list of latest posts.

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