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The Art of the Play-by

This article is written by Silent Hunter, & appears in Phoenix Roleplaying‘s Jan 2015 newsletter.

Art of the play -by (some faceclaims)

‘Play-bys’, or as they are known on many sites ‘face claims’ are one of the most common practices in RPing; many bigger RP sites keep lists to avoid duplication (we keep an entry on our wiki ourselves). For those of you not aware of the term, this is picking an actor as the ‘face’ of your particular character, hence ‘face claim’. Read More


Need a Scifi Avatar for your character? There’s a website for that!

Last week I discovered a website that seemed very useful for people roleplaying in a scifi setting. Called Sci-Fi Avatars, it’s a large database of Photoshopped character images you can take and use as your character.

Star trek avatars website screenshot

With photos of loads of different aliens from Star Trek, Klingons, Andorians, Bolians etc, you can just pick one and use it to represent your character without having to trawl the internet or attempt some dodgey Photoshop yourself.  Read More


How to use bitstrips to create a character image

Bitstrips comicEver wondered what it would be like to bring your characters to life? Human technology has a way to go before we can extract such from our imagination and animate these larger, or indeed smaller than life personalities. But there is always the other form of ‘animation’ and one that’s accessible to even those of us who find adjusting the toaster a challenge.

Bitstrips is an App available on Facebook and Twitter, which enables you to create cartoon avatars. You can create as many as you like if you have alternative profiles or friends that don’t mind you mutating them. Read More