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Announcing the 2014 SciWorld Online Convention

Remember last year's SciWorld?Hello, role-playing and simming community!

I hope this is not a horribly late timing (yes, I know it really is though), but here it is: 2014 SciWorld Online Conventionthe convention every role-player or simmer, including you, must have visited at least once in their life! With the merge between SimEnc and RPWiki in November of 2013, this edition’s being organized by RPWiki, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less spectacular 🙂


2014 SciWorld has had a vote running for some weeks, and the weekend of May 1st to May 4th came out as #1 option. That means we’ve got two more weeks to go! Plenty of time, you think? No, only a quarter (6 out of 20) of the available times for events have a host yet. That means we need you, your friends and/or your role-playing colleagues to join us.

How to join

2014 SciWorld is here!I wanted to join as a host… but how? That answer is simple!

  1. Go to User:Yatalu:SciWorld on RPWiki
  2. Click “edit” (top of the page)
  3. Choose the slot you want to host your event in and replace the text by your name, community and the event you’re hosting.
  4. Click “publish” (right side)

That’s all you really need! If you did this without a Wikia account however, it’s also strongly advised to send an email at so no identities are mistaken later on.

Can’t host yourself? No problem! Just tweet, share on facebook, email all your friends, … you can even hand flyers to random strangers, I don’t care! The more the word is spread, the better!


But where is it taking place? There are two IRC channels set up for SciWorld, which will be free for random chat whenever no event is taking place. You can tune in there already to take a peek or to claim an IRC nickname, if you’d like!

Additionally, the RPWiki’s chat will also be available for free chat even when both IRC channels have ongoing events. Because this however requires a Wikia account, we have decided not to hold any events here.


Any questions left? You can email those at, tweet them to @Tsuyua, post them on my user talk page or ask them here, directly in the comments.

Looking forward to seeing you guys around! 🙂


  • Mobius64


  • Starlight Bloodhound

    I don’t understand this… 🙁

    • SciWorld is essentially a big chatroom (well 2 chatrooms) where events are run at certain times. Those events might be planned discussions, or live-RPs. It’s all for roleplayers, and a nice excuse to talk to and meet new people.

      • Starlight Bloodhound

        Thanks David more explaining it in a simpler fashion. 😀

  • Luke Herbert

    I don’t mind doing an event again

    • Great! Make sure you let Yatalu know.

  • Mrxanadu

    Come check my event out: Mr Xanadu from ORIGIN (Ongoing Words). Flight of the Harbinger: the ORIGIN universe and how to create a vivid universe for your story/RP (complete with species, planets, anomalies, governments, and lore). May 2nd IRC room 1, 10:00-11:00 (EST, see the chart for other times)

    • Excellent! Well done for doing an event 🙂

  • Starlight Bloodhound

    Okay. I’ll be hosting Why Spelling and Grammar are your friend. Block 4, at 18:00-19:00 New York Time. Come and join me!

  • Charles Star

    Thanks for the post and especially for hosting SciWorld ’14, Yatalu! I’m looking forward to yet another great SciWorld. For those who have never attended before, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Starlight Bloodhound

      Now I am certain that I will enjoy this, but am still saying that it will be like 6th grade grammar again…

  • Ralazie

    And join mwah at 4:00 pm San Francisco time for: “Ralazie from [Ongoing Worlds]- The World of Mantaria and The Monster Wars.
    A full history of Mantaria and the creatures who inhabit it. Includes
    the history of the war as well as details on each species including
    habitats, diets, personalities and powers. Also includes in-depth detail
    on new game features including the Plague, shadow beings, and the Rogue
    On May 2nd, in IRC room 2.

    • Starlight Bloodhound

      wow. You’re still using the plague! Glad to see the idea I (Starscales is my old account) is still alive.