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2015 SciWorld – How to attend & host a time slot

Best RP and simming event in 2015? Come and see for yourself ;)

Best RP and simming event in 2015? Come and see for yourself πŸ˜‰

Hello all! Do you remember me from last year? I’m Yatalu or Yatta, administrator of RPWiki. Just like in spring 2014, we will be holding 2015 SciWorld THIS WEEKEND!

What is 2015 SciWorld?

SciWorld Online Convention is an annual online role-playing and simming convention taking place in spring and held in IRC rooms. It’s where RPers and simmers from various communities gather together and discuss or listen in with experiences and more. In short: it’s where you definitely need to be this weekend.

What can you do at SciWorld?

You can either attend events or host your own! To host events, just follow these two simples steps:
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2014 SciWorld: starting Thursday!

Logo 2014 SciWorldYes, YES! You know it as well as I do: 2014 SciWorld is near. Almost every of our slots has at least one of the two chat rooms filled with an event, and my stress is slowly heaping up (yes, it’s my first time!)…

Don’t forget about this event filled with good advice, informational posts, chat role-playing and much more. The following links are your friends:

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Announcing the 2014 SciWorld Online Convention

Remember last year's SciWorld?Hello, role-playing and simming community!

I hope this is not a horribly late timing (yes, I know it really is though), but here it is: 2014 SciWorld Online Convention β€” the convention every role-player or simmer, including you, must have visited at least once in their life! With the merge between SimEnc and RPWiki in November of 2013, this edition’s being organized by RPWiki, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less spectacular πŸ™‚ Read More