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2015 SciWorld – How to attend & host a time slot

Best RP and simming event in 2015? Come and see for yourself ;)

Best RP and simming event in 2015? Come and see for yourself πŸ˜‰

Hello all! Do you remember me from last year? I’m Yatalu or Yatta, administrator of RPWiki. Just like in spring 2014, we will be holding 2015 SciWorld THIS WEEKEND!

What is 2015 SciWorld?

SciWorld Online Convention is an annual online role-playing and simming convention taking place in spring and held in IRC rooms. It’s where RPers and simmers from various communities gather together and discuss or listen in with experiences and more. In short: it’s where you definitely need to be this weekend.

What can you do at SciWorld?

You can either attend events or host your own! To host events, just follow these two simples steps:

  1. Check out our google document to find an appropriate time slot
  2. Go to the schedule and click “Edit”
  3. Describe your event and add your name (what people will recognize you as) and community you’re from

To attend, we just expect you in one (or both!) of our Xertion rooms:

Either or if you’re better with IRC, you can look up #SciWorld1 and #SciWorld2 on the Xertion network.

What if you can’t attend?

If you can’t use even mobile devices to sneak yourself a way on, don’t worry: we already have next year’s date set too. From this year on, SciWorld will take place in the last weekend of April every year, which means you can easily check out the dates of 2016 SciWorld, 2017 SciWorld, and so on.

Additionally, regardless whether or not you can participate, we always love extra advertisement of this event! 2014 SciWorld was great and enjoyable for the participants, let’s live up to that standard with 2015 SciWorld. Bring your friends, your family and your dog, tell all your fellow role-players and simmers about this: they will not like to hear that they missed this chance!

I hope to see you all there πŸ™‚