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Alien Week at SciFi Ideas

Alien Week - SciFi IdeasFrom August 26th to September 2nd, the website SciFi Ideas ( will be hosting a special event entitled ‘Alien Week’. The event encourages writers and roleplayers to share their ideas for alien species and includes an alien profile writing competition.

What is SciFi Ideas?

SciFi Ideas is all about the free exchange of ideas. We encourage writers and roleplayers to share their ideas on our website ( for the purpose of inspiring others, sparking discussion, and generating feedback for amateur writers. Sharing an idea on SciFi Ideas is also a great way to build interest in, and promote, your science fiction stories and games.

We publish science fiction story ideas, ideas for alien species, and ideas for strange new alien worlds. During alien week, we’ll be focusing on all things alien.

Contributors are fully credited for their ideas, and you can use your idea to link to your website, blog or Ongoing Worlds game.

What is Alien Week?

Alien week is a special event taking place on the the SciFi Ideas website from August 26th to September 2nd. We’ll be posting lots of new content, and we’ll be encouraging you to take part by sharing some of your own ideas too.

The event focuses on all things alien. We’re not just talking UFOs here, we’re talking about speculative alien species and alien societies; their biology, their technology, their interaction with other species, etc.

The event also includes a writing competition which encourages readers to create their own alien species based on three images we have provided.

How Can I Take Part?

You can take part in Alien Week by writing about an alien species from your imagination (or your RPG) and sending it to us. Your ideas will be posted as a guest article at If you don’t have any ideas to share, you can join in by reading the ideas posted by other sci-fi fans and commending on what you see.

Another way to get involved is to take part in our Alien Profile Writing Competition. We’ve provided a choice of three alien images to help get your creative juices flowing. Chose one of these images, create an imaginative profile of the aliens as you imagine them, and submit it to us for a chance of winning a coveted SciFi Ideas competition winner’s mug!

Full details of the writing competition can be found here.

Competition entries will be posted as guest articles at You will be fully credited for your ideas, and you can use your competition entry to link to your website, blog or Ongoing Worlds game.