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5 random generators for creating a spaceship name

Stuck for creating a name? You could use a random generator. We’ve got a big list of links to random generators for all sorts of things, character names, planet names, Elf names, etc.

But the lists below are specifically for creating a spaceship name. Different scifi universes have different rules of spaceship names. For example the Star Trek universe normally has spaceships named after famous explorers, or positive-sounding words. Whereas the Star Wars universe has aggressive sounding names.

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6 monsters you could encounter in your roleplay

Storm bringer

If your characters are embarking on an epic journey, or maybe exploring the world (or universe) you might bump into some interesting creatures. Some friendly… some not. Here’s a few creature ideas that you could either use or inspire you to create creatures of your own.  Read More


Some alien inspiration from “Alien August”

Alien august

If you’re roleplaying in a scifi universe, it can be a challenge to keep coming up with interesting aliens & creatures, especially if your characters are encountering new ones every week. The website SciFi Ideas has plenty of interesting concepts to choose from or inspire you to invent your own. This month especially they’re dubbing “Alien August” and publishing at least one interesting alien profile every day. Here’s a few of the best that might inspire you in your own story. Read More


Using a random generator to invent new alien ideas

Alien idea

Mark writes useful alien & story ideas at (This isn’t Mark BTW, it’s an alien idea called an “Ancari”)

This article was written by Mark Ball, who blogs at SciFi

As a science fiction writer, and as somebody who tries to pass himself off as an “ideas guy”, I know all too well how difficult it can be to think up new and original ideas.

Science fiction thrives on originality and creativity, and I’ve been told time and time again that coming up with something that has “never been done before” is incredibly important. I’ve also been repeatedly told that “there is no such thing as a new idea these days”, and while I don’t think that is any more true today than it was when the first science fiction stories started to emerge over a hundred years ago, it only goes to show that coming up with that all-important original idea really isn’t easy. Read More


Alien Week at SciFi Ideas

Alien Week - SciFi IdeasFrom August 26th to September 2nd, the website SciFi Ideas ( will be hosting a special event entitled ‘Alien Week’. The event encourages writers and roleplayers to share their ideas for alien species and includes an alien profile writing competition.

What is SciFi Ideas?

SciFi Ideas is all about the free exchange of ideas. We encourage writers and roleplayers to share their ideas on our website ( for the purpose of inspiring others, sparking discussion, and generating feedback for amateur writers. Sharing an idea on SciFi Ideas is also a great way to build interest in, and promote, your science fiction stories and games. Read More