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The easy way to submit to the Alien August competition

Alien monster

Although technically nothing to do with OngoingWorlds, this might be of interest to you. By reading this blog I can assume that you:

  1. are a creative person
  2. enjoy writing

Am I right? Well if that’s the case you’d be interested in submitting to Alien August, a competition ran by my brother on his blog at – and it’d be great to see someone from OngoingWorlds win! Read More


Some alien inspiration from “Alien August”

Alien august

If you’re roleplaying in a scifi universe, it can be a challenge to keep coming up with interesting aliens & creatures, especially if your characters are encountering new ones every week. The website SciFi Ideas has plenty of interesting concepts to choose from or inspire you to invent your own. This month especially they’re dubbing “Alien August” and publishing at least one interesting alien profile every day. Here’s a few of the best that might inspire you in your own story. Read More


Alien August wants to highlight your best aliens – The Laudeans

Alien august

SciFi Ideas is a blog dedicated to publishing cool scifi ideas, concepts and aliens to get those creative juices flowing. A very valuable resource for scifi writers! This month they’re running an event called Alien August (more info here), where they’ll be publishing interesting alien profiles that have been submitted, for example here’s some they’ve published already.

As roleplayers we have to come up with new ideas all the time, and if you’re a roleplayer in a scifi game you might already have some aliens you’ve already invented, which might be worth submitting to SciFi Ideas, if published it’ll attract attention to your roleplay and might even get you some more players.  Read More