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SciWorld! Wow!

What a SciWorld we had last month!  In case you missed it, Bravo Fleet and Star Army partnered together to host the 2018 edition, which was an absolute blast!  As far as we know, this was the first time that two different sim clubs co-hosted the convention.  The first SciWorld was in 1999, and it has been held continuously since 2011.  We believe that this year’s SciWorld was the 16th, but we’re not positive as many records from the early 2000s are no longer available.

Regardless, 2018 was a hit by all measures.  The hosts were engaging, the topics were provocative, and the participants were well, awesome!  We’d like to thank everyone who had a part in putting SciWorld together, whether it was IT support, graphics design, advertising, inviting a friend, or simply showing up and participating.  You all made SciWorld a hit!

Alexander and Wes Davis are awarded the OWCH

Alexander of Bravo Fleet and Wes Davis of Star Army are hereby awarded the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor award for outstanding service as co-chairs of the 2018 SciWorld Online Convention.

This year’s SciWorld was perhaps the best ever, with unprecedented levels of attendance and energy in the Discord chat rooms.  From the opening bell to the closing ceremony, it was nonstop discussion, trivia, and simming.  People from many clubs came to share their ideas and learn from others.  The bar is now set extremely high for all future SciWorlds!  On behalf of the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors and role players across the web, thank you, Alexander and Wes, for a job well done!