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The new Hero membership

Hero membership

Hey dudes, I’ve added a new way to highlight & reward users who donate. As a way for me to say thanks, and for donators to have something a bit special.

I’m calling it “Hero membership” which will display a user’s avatar on their posts to highlight who’s donated. A bit like this:

User with Hero membership

The current Heroes

I’m giving Hero membership to everyone who’s ever donated. This will be a lifetime Hero membership too! Normally to get hero membership you’ll have to donate monthly, but the people who have donated already are pretty special so get this forever (yes forever – that’s pretty good isn’t it?!).

Become a Hero

Okay there’s 2 ways to become a hero. 1 requires you to act fast though, because there’s a time limit.

  • Early adopter lifetime membership – For the next 2 weeks I’m letting people donate $20 to become a Hero forever (if you’re planning on being a member for 2 years, you’ve saved money already). Closing date for this is October 5th. 
  • Become a regular donator of $1 per month – Cancel whenever you want your hero membership to end. Click the “Subscribe” button on the Donation page.
  • Tiberius Creations

    mrblobby scares the crap out of me

    • I assume you’ve never seen him before? He’s from a 90s saturday night TV show in the UK

    • Mobius

      He scares the poop out of most people..feel sorry for the fella who had to be inside the suit. Not something i’d put on my CV if it was me

  • Jaxx

    Its a rather amusing show.