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The day OngoingWorlds ate all its bandwidth

Munching bandwidthAs OngoingWorlds gets popular, good and bad things happen. Good things = a great community is forming, great games, great roleplayers, great characters & story. Bad things = more pageviews means we hit the bandwidth limit.

The site went down yesterday, and was replaced with the scary message “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”. This tbh has been a problem building for a while now, and each month we’ve been getting closer and closer to the limit as the site gets more popular.

So in theory it’s not all bad that the website is down, it’s a signal of it’s growing popularity. It’s a success-disaster, or “Succaster” as SMAndy told me earlier.

It’s back baby!

I’ve brought the site back online now, as I thought it was too cruel to keep you away from your favourite play-by-post website for too long! To do this though I’ve had to upgrade the package we’re on, which means the hosting cost is even more than it was. We now need your donations more than ever!

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