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Create a Facebook page for your roleplaying game

girl holding sign saying "find my roleplaying game on facebook"

So you’ve got a roleplaying game that’s doing okay, it’s been well thought out and you’ve written a few posts, but what you really need are some more members!

Advertise to get new members!

How will people know about your roleplaying game if you don’t tell people about it?! It’s very unlikely that someone is going to stumble on your webpage by chance. I’ve talked before about how you should advertise your game and also listed some good sites to advertise on, but Facebook is also great place to advertise, because it’s a website that so many people use!

Using Facebook for advertising

Facebook is a massive social network which is also great for getting to know new people, and it’s a great place to advertise an idea. I bet you’ve seen hundreds of those pages or groups created to promote a daft idea, like ‘Join this if yuu love Matt Smith’, and ‘I bet this snail gets more fans than Justin Bieber’, also companies use these fan pages to advertise their products. Sometimes they do fun things like campaigns or competitions but what they’re really doing is trying to advertise to you, just in a slightly more interesting way than distracting your favourite tv show with an advert, or ruining a perfectly good building with a massive half-mile high poster.

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Facebook is a great place to find members for your roleplaying game, there are a lot of roleplayers on Facebook who like to use it for roleplaying. You might be able to get these people to join your game.

Create a fan page

The best way to use Facebook to advertise you game is to create a fan page, this gives you an area of Facebook where you can put some information about your game. Make sure you let people know what your game is about, and how they can join. This might be the first time they’ve heard of your game so make sure you make a good impression.

Keep your fan page up to date

Post regularly to your fan page, this will show that you’re an active roleplaying group, and that you are still actively posting. I’ve seen many pages that haven’t been updated in years and assumed that the roleplayers have given up on their game and forgotten to write anything about it on the fan page.

You can post regular news to the wall, and create a message on the page’s wall when a new post has been posted in your game.

Check your fan page for comments

People might send you messages and ask you questions on your page, make sure you check it regularly or someone who was interested in joining might get bored of waiting for you to reply and gave up to join some other game.

To get started creating a Facebook page, follow our tutorial.