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SciWorld starts Thursday


Don’t forget about SciWorld, the online chat convention for roleplayers starts thursday (tomorrow) at 23:30 GMT (7:30pm EDT).

The opening ceremony will be hosted by Chas Hammer, followed by hour-long chat events.

SciWorld is spread across 3 nights, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, each starting at different times so make sure you see the schedule so you don’t miss your favourite events.

The events range from chats about TV shows, specific topics about roleplaying and actual roleplaying sessions. Events I’m looking forward to are:

  • Using social media to maximize recruiting – by Elena Vasilescu who I interviewed a while back for Before the Mast RPG (see the interview here)
  • Stargate Simming: Past, Present, and Future – by Jonathan
  • Everything I need to know I learned from roleplaying – by Chas Hammer
  • Easing your (GMing) life with services and technology – By FSF Josh
  • And the controversially titled: Are text based RPGs dying? – by Jeannette Giesbrecht whom I hope concludes to say that they’re just as awesome as ever!

Also I’ll be running an event myself at 20:00 GMT on the Friday, where I’ll talk about the future of OngoingWorlds, I’m looking forward to that quite a lot!

For more information about SciWorld see the schedule here:

And join our Facebook event here: