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5 cool map generators

map generator

Ever wanted to create a map for your game, to maybe show to other players to indicate where you’re exploring, or what your home base looks like? Here’s some tools that make it easy, allowing you to create a map, save it (or if you can’t, screenshot at least). Some allow you the controls to create the map as you wish, some just generate one at random.

Dungeon Painter Online

By pyromancers, this site is a simple canvas with lots of features.

Select the tile you want to lay down and click.

Change grid type to hexes, dots, squares, or no grid. It also has a Stick to grid feature I found useful to toggle for fiddly tiles like doors.

Curufea’s Random Cave map generator

Not sure what to call this mapper, it has no name. But it’s slick. And fast.

Unlike Dungeon Painter Online, where you create maps by laying down tiles, this generator does the map for you after you tweak the settings.

One click and you’re done. I love it.

Random Dungeon Generator

Next is this procedural map generator by Inkwell Ideas.

It has just one setting to tweak and then you generate the map. Works great.

Dave’s Mapper

This is my favourite mapper. It’s mega-tile based, meaning each tile has about 10×10 squares worth of stuff in it, as opposed to a mapper like Dungeon Painter Online where you manage every 5 foot square.

Select the artists whose tiles you want to use, the map type, and then generate.

Gozzys Random Cave Map generator

Create caves with this simple procedural mapper.