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Some random planet/world name generators

coruscant from star warsApologies if I’ve posted many articles about random generators, they seem to be the most popular, so here’s another!

Here are some useful links to random generators for naming your planets/worlds/realms, ideal for sci-fi or fantasy games:


Planet name generator

Simple, interesting names that can be used for a planet, or for a world/realm in a fantasy setting. Read More


*Generating* help


Let’s face it, originality is dead.

Or is it?

Some people have a hard time thinking of original titles or character names for their games, but that shouldn’t stop them from playing. In fact, there are several different types of generators out there on the web alone that can help create a game or character that is unique to you. You can google a hundred different types of name generators for characters alone or you can find some of the most popular generators on the web. Read More


5 cool map generators

map generator

Ever wanted to create a map for your game, to maybe show to other players to indicate where you’re exploring, or what your home base looks like? Read More


Use a random generator to give all your NPCs Japanese names

Commander farsight

If you’ve got a Star Trek game where you visit new planets often, or have a classic D&D party where you’re visiting one village to the next meeting different and interesting trbes of people, isn’t it cool when a new tribe you meet all have similar names – or names on a theme?  Read More


The art of the Dwarven Insult

dwarf insult

Dwarfs are known for their colourful use of the common tongue, especially when it comes to insults. Sometimes these are meant in jest, with some dwarfs known to use words as a weapon to rile up and anger their opponent into making a mistake. A few dwarfs have taken to using this as a part of their arsenal in battle, with a few being true masters of the insult, making their opponent slip up and attack them in anger, only to be met with a well-placed axe or hammer to the head. Read More


Random ghost, werewolf, vampire & zombie description generator


We’ve posted articles about random generators here before, because they’re relaly useful. I use them mainly if I need a character, alien or location name quickly. Recently though I’ve found a great site that has some really good descriptions that actually give you some details that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of before.  Read More


A list of great random character name generators

a random collage of characters

Coming up with a new character name can be hard. Sometimes you want it to be memorable, sometimes you want the name itself to reflect the personality of the character in its meaning. Or sometimes you just need a name quick because it’s for an NPC you’ll never mention ever again. Read More


Coming up with placenames for your roleplay

Welcome to Funtcuck, please pronounce carefully

Whether it’s placenames that your characters visit, or the setting of your entire game, sometimes you’ll have to come up with a new name of a town or city. Read More


4 rather good planet name generators

Planet scape

Is your roleplaying game a science fiction adventure where you visit new planets on a regular basis? Find it difficult coming up with interesting planet names? Well fear not! Because here’s a few generators that’ll give you a list of cool names to choose from: Read More


Randomizing and RPGs

This article was written by Steven Savage, creator of the awesome random generator site Seventh Sanctum

Look Back In Randomness . . .

Steven Savage from Seventh SanctumIn 1999 at a gathering of anime and Mystery Science Theater Fans, I commented how some anime attacks sounded randomly generated by computer. Suddenly it struck me that it would be easy to write a program to do that, as I’d written code to do superhero names and names in the vein of Elfquest characters. A few notes later I had enough ideas to try and I made an Anime Power Generator. Read More