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*Generating* help


Let’s face it, originality is dead.

Or is it?

Some people have a hard time thinking of original titles or character names for their games, but that shouldn’t stop them from playing. In fact, there are several different types of generators out there on the web alone that can help create a game or character that is unique to you. You can google a hundred different types of name generators for characters alone or you can find some of the most popular generators on the web. Many writers have a hard time with thinking of names well. Authors, professional writers, and even journalist who need help thinking of names to keep people’s identity safe have to use generators. Deciding what type of generator you need is up to you. I had to use a generator to come up with, not only the title of a game, but also a character within it. There is no shame in needing help and thinking of unique characters, unique title, or unique plot lines. Even the best of us need help sometimes!

There are generators on the site Seventh Sanctum, they can help you create a unique character, unique name, unique power, unique villain, and/or unique game title. And they don’t stop there. They have setting generators, funny attacks generator, and even equipment generators. The list of different types of the Seventh Sanctum has is almost endless, except that it does actually end.

Depending on the type of generator on Seventh Sanctum, you can get up to a hundred different names. The humans generators if they have range from names to powers to, my personal favorite, the Grimoire of Questionable Spells.

Speaking of the Grimoire of Questionable Spells, I had some interesting things generated. Five of the 15 things generated were:

  1. Invoke Whining
  2. Magical Aura of Acne
  3. Dark Right of the Church Lady
  4. Hermetic Enchantment of the Fangirls and
  5. Storm of Chocolate.

I don’t know about you, but that last one sounded pretty dang awesome! I mean, who wouldn’t want a storm of chocolate to rain down on them! I know I would!

And there isn’t just Seventh Sanctum to use. Out of all the different types of generators out there, I have found the Seventh Sanctum is the best by far. That does not mean I haven’t looked at other generators, it just means I have better results with Seventh Sanctum then I have with any other. I encourage anyone who is having trouble thinking of a name, title, or attack to try using Seventh Sanctum, and any other generator on the web, to help create a unique world for themselves and their fellow players.