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4 rather good planet name generators

Planet scape

Is your roleplaying game a science fiction adventure where you visit new planets on a regular basis? Find it difficult coming up with interesting planet names? Well fear not! Because here’s a few generators that’ll give you a list of cool names to choose from: Read More


Randomizing and RPGs

This article was written by Steven Savage, creator of the awesome random generator site Seventh Sanctum

Look Back In Randomness . . .

Steven Savage from Seventh SanctumIn 1999 at a gathering of anime and Mystery Science Theater Fans, I commented how some anime attacks sounded randomly generated by computer. Suddenly it struck me that it would be easy to write a program to do that, as I’d written code to do superhero names and names in the vein of Elfquest characters. A few notes later I had enough ideas to try and I made an Anime Power Generator. Read More


Using a random generator to invent new alien ideas

Alien idea

Mark writes useful alien & story ideas at (This isn’t Mark BTW, it’s an alien idea called an “Ancari”)

This article was written by Mark Ball, who blogs at SciFi

As a science fiction writer, and as somebody who tries to pass himself off as an “ideas guy”, I know all too well how difficult it can be to think up new and original ideas.

Science fiction thrives on originality and creativity, and I’ve been told time and time again that coming up with something that has “never been done before” is incredibly important. I’ve also been repeatedly told that “there is no such thing as a new idea these days”, and while I don’t think that is any more true today than it was when the first science fiction stories started to emerge over a hundred years ago, it only goes to show that coming up with that all-important original idea really isn’t easy. Read More