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Try these Heroes & Villains

The following is an extract from an article by Steven Savage from his Way with Worlds series of articles. It’s really intended for writing a book, but I thought it was interesting for creating heroes & villains in your roleplaying game. 

Heroes and Villains by Screwbald

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Way With Worlds: Why Worldbuild?

Giant mushrooms

This is a segment of an article written by Steven Savage from his blog. Worldbuilding is really important to us in roleplaying, especially if you’re the one who created the game’s world in the first place, but not just that, a world can continue to grow and change of course over the months and years as you tell more stories within it. Here’s Steven’s article where he asks Why Worldbuild?:   Read More


Randomizing and RPGs

This article was written by Steven Savage, creator of the awesome random generator site Seventh Sanctum

Look Back In Randomness . . .

Steven Savage from Seventh SanctumIn 1999 at a gathering of anime and Mystery Science Theater Fans, I commented how some anime attacks sounded randomly generated by computer. Suddenly it struck me that it would be easy to write a program to do that, as I’d written code to do superhero names and names in the vein of Elfquest characters. A few notes later I had enough ideas to try and I made an Anime Power Generator. Read More