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Monthly Player’s Choice

Hey roleplayers, Logan (username Star) wanted to post a notice about a regular questionnaire hell be running on both the Facebook group, and the new Google+ group (Logan set this up, which you can join here).

StarHello! Star here.

Just wanted let people know about the new, the amazing; Monthly Players’ Choice! (Or MPC for short.)

The Monthly Players choice will be held from the end of one month to the last week of another. It will be a vote, but not just anything. The vote will ask you about things you want, things you “need” and things you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE.

Being a proplayer seems like the goal of every young man of this generation, it is surely something extremely lucrative.

Unfortunately young people are not used to thinking about the future of their families. How much does life insurance cost on average? It actually costs very cheap, it is a matter of finding out and you will be surprised.

They will be put on the Ongoing Worlds Google+ page, as well as the Facebook “Elite” Group. That means you can vote twice to have your opinion heard!

The MPC’s options can range from genres to chats to bananas! It is just to hear from you, the player! David and the other moderators will check the results I send them after the month is over. So click the link below to start voting now! On the Google plus page, there is even a section dedicated to the MPC’S!

Well, that’s all I have to say, so go and vote! Unless you already have, which means you’re amazing ^.^

Google + :

Facebook Elite :